Sunday, August 26, 2007

Better to wear than to eat

My first Disney movie was Snow White, and even though I couldn't understand why Snow White would eat food from a stranger (what happened to common sense?), I can't resist this Poison Apple Pendant by Disney Couture. This however, won't induce me into a coma-like sleep.

Miss Couturable

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Book bags I can't use

If I could change anything about how I accessorize at school, it would be to carry a classy tote bag that somehow holds my mountain of textbooks and laptop without hurting my back. Unfortunately, that's not an option for me and I still carry a backpack to school, along with a black laptop bag that I bought for the reason that it looks like a tote bag.
My brown corduroy Jansport backpack will never match up to the Kate Spade tote that I covet, but I'm saving the pretty bags for college, or at least senior year of high school. Right now, I have to be able to carry my weight in textbooks around campus. I sewed a pink floppy ribbon on it last year, and my March of Dimes "one in eight" pins are always on it. This summer, I saw "Hairspray" in New York City and I had to get the huge oversized "I Heart Link" pin, and I had to get one of those touristy "I Heart NY" keychains while I was there. My laptop bag is a tote bag, and I also tied a floppy ribbon on it.
For senior year (one more year!), or if my textbooks miraculously shrunk to 1/4 their sizes:
Fancy Chandelier Tote
The price is great, the design is absolutely classy, and it could double as a plastic grocery bag replacement! It's so versatile and big so my laptop could fit inside too, and doesn't black go with almost anything?

Sigrid Olsen 'Andrina' Patent & Plastic Tote
I've never been interested in plastic material, but this plastic tote has a fabulous and rich purple tone! And now that I think of it, it'll be easy for me to check if I forgot homework and lip gloss!

Kate Spade 'Santa Monica - Carson' Shopper
It would be great for shopping like its name dictates, but who says you can't be just as stylish for class? I adore the hot pink lining and the black and white outside!

Cole Haan 'Village Medium Convertible' Tote
What a gorgeous leather bag! I can totally imagine this bag with almost any outfit I would wear to work or school; its rounded edges definitely score points with me.

$$$ (a.k.a. I wish)
Henry Begulein Yoko Drawstring Tote
Even though it's a little too rustic for my tastes, it's casual enough to carry books at school. Plus, I can't resist unstructured design!

Miu Miu Matelasse Large Tote
Quilted black leather? Miu Miu? Yes, please. I promise to maintain straight A's if somehow this bag just happens to fall into my arms...

More school bag blog entries can be found at Teen Fashionista and Does This Look Stupid.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

My future wedding ring

While reading through the May 07 issue of Vogue China in my doctor's office, I found this absolutely gorgeous diamond ring with asymmetrical petals by Mauboussin.
The website describes the ring as "pink gold, diamonds pave", but I can't get over the rich tone of the metal and its sheer cuteness.
Oh, I do. I've found the ring, just not the gentleman yet.

Miss Couturable

Saturday, August 18, 2007

All that glitters

I've never been a fan of face painting, much less tattoos. Dramatic make-up is probably as wild as I'll ever get in terms of body art, but for some reason I'm loving the idea of glitter tattoos: temporary glitter body painting that lasts for about a week. At a cheesy Hawaiian luau yesterday, this lovely lady was doing face painting and glitter tattoos, and I knew I had to get one done from her:Maybe it's the inner Tinkerbell inside of me that's so attracted to having glitter on my face, but I think Chrysalis here is so adorable and cute with her hibiscus glitter tattoo. I loved her work so much that I gave her a hug after she painted me a mermaid on my arm:I can't stop myself when it comes to shiny objects and things that shimmer.

Miss Couturable

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Don't sweat it

I'm always so jealous of the fit girls who go to the gym in cute Technicolor puma sneakers, and of the dancers who get to wear asymmetrical leotards and an assortment of tights. I'm a cheerleader, and unfortunately I have to wear shorts and Reebok sneakers every day at every practice and assymetrical leotards are highly impractical when your uniform involves a scandalous cropped top.
To my luck, school cheerleading practice starts today (in addition to my competitive squad), and cheer camp starts tomorrow! I can't possibly bear wearing a black t-shirt 4 days straight *tear*. Instead of wearing the uniform black t-shirt with our cheer logo, I chose a maroon J. Crew tank top that fits amazing well on me. I'm still wearing the uniform black shorts because they are so comfortable and perfect for cheerleading, but forget about low-cut socks. I found 5 pairs of knee-high socks in my drawer just now and I'm going to wear them with my shorts and Reeboks (I don't remember any rules about socks).
I wish I could do more with my work out outfit; maybe switch the shorts for a pair of jazz pants, but team uniform regulations only let you slide so far. Oh, to be a dancer...
I also refuse to use an athletic bag; I'm rather minimal when it comes to work out / cheer so I don't see the point of clunking around a big nylon bag, unless it's from Chanel (then I'd have second thoughts). In my leather tote bag I carry my Dior lip compact, Clinique SPF 45 face sunblock, Dove deodorant, Banana Boat sunscreen, wallet, pink iPod nano (that I affectionately call Miss Shelley), a hair brush, a bottle of water (don't hurt me! my SIGG bottle has not arrived in the mail yet!), and a light snack (freeze-dried apples are delicious and only 39 calories).
In spite of my attempts to make my practice outfit a little more stylish, can you blame me for wanting to be a dancer? Isn't this just so pretty? It's like the little black dress transformed into a leotard.

Miss Couturable

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Becoming eco-fashionably hydrated

Bottled water has been my main source of hydration since I was a wee little bit, and I don't think there has ever been a time in my life that I've favored tap water over a 16 ounce Arrowhead Springs. Yet, these convenient packaged sets of water are terrible harmful to the environment: wasting a large amount of plastic and glass, costing a fortune to recycle, and wasting an indecent amount of oil to transport around the world.
So, in the spirit of the "I'm not a plastic bag" bags by Anya Hindmarch, I'm going to take it one step further and make sure the water in my canvas grocery bag isn't prepackaged.
Water bottles that are durable, stylish, and eco-friendly are surprisingly easy to find:
SIGG water bottles are my favorite; they're seamlessly made from a pure aluminum but won't leave an aftertaste at all. Even though they're made of metal, they're just just as light as any plastic bottle their size. Plus, they come in these fabulously chic styles, and more! They can be found on Amazon and in Whole Foods; I've got to stop by my neighborhood Whole Foods soon. Sigh, I just went there, and they only have the little kiddie bottles.Nalgene bottles are also favorites of mine, and are great alternatives to SIGG if you don't want an aluminum bottle. They're made of super-durable plastic and come in so many colors and designs that you're bound to find one that suits your lifestyle. They can be found on Amazon and on their online store. Edit: a kind reader just alerted me that Nalgene plastics (and plastics in general) that are rewashed and reused release a harmful chemical. According to the Nalgene website, the white and natural colored bottles are made of a safer plastic, in case you're still keen on them. This gives me another excuse to buy the pricier SIGG bottles *wink*.
Some tips for reusable water bottles:
  • Scrub the insides frequently to prevent build up of bacteria (buy a bottle brush if you must).
  • Always fill the water bottle with filtered tap water, or with one of those water dispensers at least.
And because being hydrated is so important to having a good day and looking great, I found some great hydration tips that I'll keep in mind when class starts.
I'm so excited to get one of these bottles; so much more stylish and environmentally-friendly than a Poland Springs bottle, right? I barely drink a glass of a water everyday, so hopefully this will be an incentive to start getting hydrated and healthy.

Miss Couturable

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Reconcilliation with my impulse buys

I bought this shift dress for $40 at this random store in New York City a few weeks ago, and the more it sits in my closet, the more it starts looking like a negligee. It could be a cute negligee, in fact, with its touch of flouncy innocence and slight transparency...but I don't plan on impressing anyone in bed anytime soon.
Wearing it alone makes it look too much like lingerie, so I layered and experimented in order to make it more school appropriate. The $40 was a steal for a dress that no one else on this side of California would have, but I couldn't help but chastise myself for spending money on a super trendy, cheaply-made, and barely-there dress. I was living on a pack of a Lifesavers on my last day in NYC because I was so broke; impulse spending on cheap clothes leaves you with less change in the wallet than buying a few investment pieces.
Outfit #1
To make it a lot more school appropriate (my mom was horrified to find out that it was slightly see-through, as was I), I layered a maroon J. Crew ribbed tank top underneath to add some color. Over the dress, I wore a gold Calvin Klein cardigan, and cinched the waist with a black leather Calvin Klein belt. With black tights and a pair of BCBGirls patent white heels, I can actually wear this negligee dress to class without being accused of not getting dressed.

Outfit #2
The same pieces, but with the cardigan tossed off to make it more of a party dress.

I opened up my own savings and checking account this Saturday, and I'm going to save as much of my money as I can from now on. Maybe it's the impulse shopping guilt, but saving up instead of casual spending is a lot more important to me now when it comes to clothes. I won't come home with a see-through negligee next time, at least.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Take two

We never got TV reception in our house when I was little, so my mom and I amassed a decent collection of black and white films to watch together. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly were my absolute favorites not only for their charm and elegance, but for the glamorous clothes they wore that definitely influenced my love for huge bows, cocktail dresses, smart patent pumps, and pearls.
Christian Dior Haute Couture has always been my most anticipated show for its bold yet classy statements, and the Fall 2007 is no exception. It's a retro revisit to glamorous Old Hollywood, and it's surprisingly wearable for haute couture (if not affordable, but hey, you can't have everything). I'm falling in love with the pencil skirts, high waists, sublime hairpieces and hats, and glistening platform heels; it's all so easily adaptable if you want to be both sharp and glamorous for work and school.
Luckily, I found some great options at Bebe that won't cost more than all my possessions sold together:
Poplin Balloon Sleeve Blouse
Imagine the Victorian ruffles shirt from a few seasons ago, glamorized into a femme fatale shirt for the classic vixen. It's more fitted, detailed, and less staunchly than its predecessors.

Buckle Corset Belt
Forget about the shift dresses and trapeze dresses, I'll cinch my waist with this wide belt (gives an incentive to work out!). If I wanted to wear it casual, the belt would add zest to an everyday pair of jeans.

Satin Pencil Skirt with Ruffle Trim
This definitely puts a twist on the typical suited pencil skirt; satin and ruffles? How perfect can this get? I can definitely get away with wearing platform pumps with this, but I wouldn't wear black ones like the model is. Perhaps white if I want to channel my inner Audrey, and patent red when I want to make a statement at school or work.

I'm determined to find a few classic investment pieces that I can wear season after season, instead of wasteful spending on only trendy and cheap items like I used to, and this is a great look that's stylish and classic. I have a huge pile of clothes that I wore for about 1 month before discarding forever, and lately I've been investing in classic and lasting pieces to mix and match with my discarded pile. I'm very excited for the possibilities. Hey, if I can't be a '50s Hollywood movie star, this fall I can dress like one.

And not violate my school dress code.

Miss Couturable

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I still believe that all girls are princesses à la Sara Crewe -- whether or not we're Balmain divas or Target perusers.

I started reading Vogue magazine when I was about 7; everyday after school I would go to my public library and spend half my time reading Vogue and half my time reading history textbooks. Both of which were for fun. So while I've been a history geek my whole life, nothing has kept me more awake in my AP European History class than secretly flipping through Christian Dior haute couture photos on my laptop.

I think fashion is art, and art is fashion. I believe that there should be just as much emphasis on the intricate drapery and folds of the Greek chiton as on the construction of the Parthenon, and that Marie Antoinette's extravagant outfits represent the courts of 18th century France better than Versailles itself. I sulk about how there isn't a fashion equivalent to Gardner's Art Through the Ages, the holy text of art history, but perhaps I'll write it someday.

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