Saturday, August 18, 2007

All that glitters

I've never been a fan of face painting, much less tattoos. Dramatic make-up is probably as wild as I'll ever get in terms of body art, but for some reason I'm loving the idea of glitter tattoos: temporary glitter body painting that lasts for about a week. At a cheesy Hawaiian luau yesterday, this lovely lady was doing face painting and glitter tattoos, and I knew I had to get one done from her:Maybe it's the inner Tinkerbell inside of me that's so attracted to having glitter on my face, but I think Chrysalis here is so adorable and cute with her hibiscus glitter tattoo. I loved her work so much that I gave her a hug after she painted me a mermaid on my arm:I can't stop myself when it comes to shiny objects and things that shimmer.

Miss Couturable
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