Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Book bags I can't use

If I could change anything about how I accessorize at school, it would be to carry a classy tote bag that somehow holds my mountain of textbooks and laptop without hurting my back. Unfortunately, that's not an option for me and I still carry a backpack to school, along with a black laptop bag that I bought for the reason that it looks like a tote bag.
My brown corduroy Jansport backpack will never match up to the Kate Spade tote that I covet, but I'm saving the pretty bags for college, or at least senior year of high school. Right now, I have to be able to carry my weight in textbooks around campus. I sewed a pink floppy ribbon on it last year, and my March of Dimes "one in eight" pins are always on it. This summer, I saw "Hairspray" in New York City and I had to get the huge oversized "I Heart Link" pin, and I had to get one of those touristy "I Heart NY" keychains while I was there. My laptop bag is a tote bag, and I also tied a floppy ribbon on it.
For senior year (one more year!), or if my textbooks miraculously shrunk to 1/4 their sizes:
Fancy Chandelier Tote
The price is great, the design is absolutely classy, and it could double as a plastic grocery bag replacement! It's so versatile and big so my laptop could fit inside too, and doesn't black go with almost anything?

Sigrid Olsen 'Andrina' Patent & Plastic Tote
I've never been interested in plastic material, but this plastic tote has a fabulous and rich purple tone! And now that I think of it, it'll be easy for me to check if I forgot homework and lip gloss!

Kate Spade 'Santa Monica - Carson' Shopper
It would be great for shopping like its name dictates, but who says you can't be just as stylish for class? I adore the hot pink lining and the black and white outside!

Cole Haan 'Village Medium Convertible' Tote
What a gorgeous leather bag! I can totally imagine this bag with almost any outfit I would wear to work or school; its rounded edges definitely score points with me.

$$$ (a.k.a. I wish)
Henry Begulein Yoko Drawstring Tote
Even though it's a little too rustic for my tastes, it's casual enough to carry books at school. Plus, I can't resist unstructured design!

Miu Miu Matelasse Large Tote
Quilted black leather? Miu Miu? Yes, please. I promise to maintain straight A's if somehow this bag just happens to fall into my arms...

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