Thursday, August 16, 2007

Don't sweat it

I'm always so jealous of the fit girls who go to the gym in cute Technicolor puma sneakers, and of the dancers who get to wear asymmetrical leotards and an assortment of tights. I'm a cheerleader, and unfortunately I have to wear shorts and Reebok sneakers every day at every practice and assymetrical leotards are highly impractical when your uniform involves a scandalous cropped top.
To my luck, school cheerleading practice starts today (in addition to my competitive squad), and cheer camp starts tomorrow! I can't possibly bear wearing a black t-shirt 4 days straight *tear*. Instead of wearing the uniform black t-shirt with our cheer logo, I chose a maroon J. Crew tank top that fits amazing well on me. I'm still wearing the uniform black shorts because they are so comfortable and perfect for cheerleading, but forget about low-cut socks. I found 5 pairs of knee-high socks in my drawer just now and I'm going to wear them with my shorts and Reeboks (I don't remember any rules about socks).
I wish I could do more with my work out outfit; maybe switch the shorts for a pair of jazz pants, but team uniform regulations only let you slide so far. Oh, to be a dancer...
I also refuse to use an athletic bag; I'm rather minimal when it comes to work out / cheer so I don't see the point of clunking around a big nylon bag, unless it's from Chanel (then I'd have second thoughts). In my leather tote bag I carry my Dior lip compact, Clinique SPF 45 face sunblock, Dove deodorant, Banana Boat sunscreen, wallet, pink iPod nano (that I affectionately call Miss Shelley), a hair brush, a bottle of water (don't hurt me! my SIGG bottle has not arrived in the mail yet!), and a light snack (freeze-dried apples are delicious and only 39 calories).
In spite of my attempts to make my practice outfit a little more stylish, can you blame me for wanting to be a dancer? Isn't this just so pretty? It's like the little black dress transformed into a leotard.

Miss Couturable
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