Monday, August 13, 2007

Take two

We never got TV reception in our house when I was little, so my mom and I amassed a decent collection of black and white films to watch together. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly were my absolute favorites not only for their charm and elegance, but for the glamorous clothes they wore that definitely influenced my love for huge bows, cocktail dresses, smart patent pumps, and pearls.
Christian Dior Haute Couture has always been my most anticipated show for its bold yet classy statements, and the Fall 2007 is no exception. It's a retro revisit to glamorous Old Hollywood, and it's surprisingly wearable for haute couture (if not affordable, but hey, you can't have everything). I'm falling in love with the pencil skirts, high waists, sublime hairpieces and hats, and glistening platform heels; it's all so easily adaptable if you want to be both sharp and glamorous for work and school.
Luckily, I found some great options at Bebe that won't cost more than all my possessions sold together:
Poplin Balloon Sleeve Blouse
Imagine the Victorian ruffles shirt from a few seasons ago, glamorized into a femme fatale shirt for the classic vixen. It's more fitted, detailed, and less staunchly than its predecessors.

Buckle Corset Belt
Forget about the shift dresses and trapeze dresses, I'll cinch my waist with this wide belt (gives an incentive to work out!). If I wanted to wear it casual, the belt would add zest to an everyday pair of jeans.

Satin Pencil Skirt with Ruffle Trim
This definitely puts a twist on the typical suited pencil skirt; satin and ruffles? How perfect can this get? I can definitely get away with wearing platform pumps with this, but I wouldn't wear black ones like the model is. Perhaps white if I want to channel my inner Audrey, and patent red when I want to make a statement at school or work.

I'm determined to find a few classic investment pieces that I can wear season after season, instead of wasteful spending on only trendy and cheap items like I used to, and this is a great look that's stylish and classic. I have a huge pile of clothes that I wore for about 1 month before discarding forever, and lately I've been investing in classic and lasting pieces to mix and match with my discarded pile. I'm very excited for the possibilities. Hey, if I can't be a '50s Hollywood movie star, this fall I can dress like one.

And not violate my school dress code.

Miss Couturable
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