Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Reconcilliation with my impulse buys

I bought this shift dress for $40 at this random store in New York City a few weeks ago, and the more it sits in my closet, the more it starts looking like a negligee. It could be a cute negligee, in fact, with its touch of flouncy innocence and slight transparency...but I don't plan on impressing anyone in bed anytime soon.
Wearing it alone makes it look too much like lingerie, so I layered and experimented in order to make it more school appropriate. The $40 was a steal for a dress that no one else on this side of California would have, but I couldn't help but chastise myself for spending money on a super trendy, cheaply-made, and barely-there dress. I was living on a pack of a Lifesavers on my last day in NYC because I was so broke; impulse spending on cheap clothes leaves you with less change in the wallet than buying a few investment pieces.
Outfit #1
To make it a lot more school appropriate (my mom was horrified to find out that it was slightly see-through, as was I), I layered a maroon J. Crew ribbed tank top underneath to add some color. Over the dress, I wore a gold Calvin Klein cardigan, and cinched the waist with a black leather Calvin Klein belt. With black tights and a pair of BCBGirls patent white heels, I can actually wear this negligee dress to class without being accused of not getting dressed.

Outfit #2
The same pieces, but with the cardigan tossed off to make it more of a party dress.

I opened up my own savings and checking account this Saturday, and I'm going to save as much of my money as I can from now on. Maybe it's the impulse shopping guilt, but saving up instead of casual spending is a lot more important to me now when it comes to clothes. I won't come home with a see-through negligee next time, at least.

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Miss Couturable
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