Monday, November 19, 2007

Black Friday -- hello to the holidays

I love lists; whether it's for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Christmas shopping, birthday wishlists, back-to-school supplies -- I will make a list for any time I go shopping. I need to prioritize before I go shopping, otherwise I'll be out of control when there's a sale.
So what are my must-buys for Black Friday 2008? Anything high-quality, sophisticated yet kooky, and hopefully slightly old-fashioned. I dress by the rule that every occasion is a reason to dress up, and I definitely appreciate it when I see someone else dressed nicely for a common day occasion. Doesn't that make you want to spread some holiday cheer too?

Black Friday must-buys for impeccably-dressed ladies
  1. A slightly dressy coat, preferably in a bright color and with ruffles. I have a white wool peacoat from J.Crew, a gray coat from Kenneth Cole, and a black cropped coat from Erin Fetherston for Target; obviously I have my monochromatic colors covered. Now is the time for a playful purple coat to brighten up the darkening gray skies.
  2. Cozy sweater tights so that I can still wear my heels and flats with dresses to school in the winter. White is a staple, but I'm looking for patterned ones too.
  3. Rainy day skimmers to replace those clunky wellies and platform wedges that have become rainy day wardrobe staples. Imagine wearing these gorgeous ladylike flats to school without frost-bitten toes!
  4. Headbands, of course. Particularly ones with jewels or bows; I can't resist them when I see them! It's the simplest and one of the most chicest ways to dress up your hair.
  5. Pretty and simple day dresses that can be worn without tights in the summertime too! I absolutely love wearing dresses to school and I think it's very appropriate too, even if everyone else is bedecked in Seven jeans and Juicy velour hoodies. People will take you much more seriously (including teachers!), and heads will turn in the hallways.
  6. Soothing lip balm to prevent chapped lips. Trust me, I'm finally learning the importance of maintaining soft lips. My lips are so chapped from the cold that I can't even drink hot apple cider without cringing in pain! If there's a sale for lip balm, I'm stocking up.
  7. Floppy satin hairbows á la Brigitte Bardot. All you have to do is visit your local fabric or craft store and stock up on thick satin ribbons. Tie it anywhere you want in your hair; it doesn't have to frame a ponytail!
These are the top seven things I will be looking for this Friday, but I know I'm always going to buy something that isn't on my organized list. Isn't finding unexpected gems the most fun part of shopping? Black Friday will hopefully open up a very stylish holiday season for all of us!

Miss Couturable
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