Friday, November 9, 2007

Can't leave home without one

You know you're getting close to your mommy when she finally buys you accessories that follow your taste. Fashion is very intimate, and I think it says something when you and your mom can buy things for each other and truly enjoy it.
Especially recently, she has taken a fancy to buying me headbands whenever she gets the chance to shop. Since August, I have rarely stepped out of my house without a headband for every occasion. Bows, plaid, jewels, flowers, buckles: I have them all, but for some reason I always choose the ones with bows.. My mommy likes to call it my "Audrey Hepburn mentality", because I'm a prim and proper dresser. Throwing outfits together is so not my thing. Or at least, wearing a headband decreases the likelihood of looking like I threw my outfit together 30 minutes before class.
This Cara Couture headband is so classic; updates on the satin bow are charming and adaptable for a variety of situations. Cocktail party? Afternoon tea? Quick dash to class? Black satin with pearls totally has you covered.

Need a little more color? These skinny crystal-accented headbands from Tasha add a little sparkle and shine to your hair.

Perfect for strolling through that winter wonderland! The delicate crystal snowflake would look so perfect with a snug winter coat.Another bow headband, this time with delicate rhinestone trim and a demure little bow. My favorite one so far!
A clever twist on the bow is this vintage-inspired gold leaf headband, which definitely exudes a 1920s look.

Too expensive?
But this Forever 21 satin bow headband for only $2.80 and decorate it with your own rhinestones!

Please, let's tidy our outfits up a little more with a headband...there's so many varieties nowadays so stock up on these classics!

Miss Couturable
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