Saturday, November 17, 2007

Completely hooked with fashion mags

Happy Thanksgiving break, for those of you like me who are fortunate enough to have next week off for the holidays!
As an appropriate conclusion to my week, I visited the corporate offices of Nirvana Style Magazine, a high-glossy eastern meets western women's fashion magazine as president of my school's fashion club. While I've done some work related to fashion, this was my first time visiting an actual fashion magazine office.
It's a small magazine (although 6,000 subscribers is pretty good!), and while the office was a spacious suite in the back of a business building, it contained a photo studio, make-up studio, and green room. The CEO, fashion/style editor, and publisher of the magazine met with my club and spoke to us about the fashion magazine business.
We even got to see the cover samples before they come in print!

I am hooked and in love with the fashion magazine business, and this trip just solidified my desire to work in the fashion magazine industry someday. In addition to building contacts (I plan to apply for an internship there during the school year very soon), the magazine staff offered to set my club up with Colleen Quen, a couture designer who has appeared on "America's Next Top Model" and makes fabulous kimono dresses, as well as inviting us to volunteer at future magazine fashion events and parties.

I started off this week with no greater desire than to sleep and do nothing, but this trip to Nirvana Style has left me with the energy and motivation to reach for stilletoed skies again. I swear, I could feel my blood rushing just standing inside the office.

Fabulous plans for Thanksgiving Break:
  1. Compete at 2-day cheerleading competition.
  2. Shop till I drop (or go broke) on Black Friday.
  3. "Bring it On!" movie marathon with cheer squad.
  4. Karaoke with some of my best friends.
  5. Apply for Nirvana Style internship.
  6. Read two new books while drinking green tea in bed.
  7. Plan out east coast trip for college visits and summer internship interviews.
  8. Bake a cake; decorate it with too much frosting (whipped cream frosting, that is).
  9. Spend quality time with my family.
What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Miss Couturable
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