Monday, November 19, 2007

Erin Fetherston: renewing my affection for Target

I used to love Target back in 4th grade when they sold Powerpuff Girls t-shirts and fluorescent shirts with 'witty' sayings on them. After that phase, I lost all interest in Target, including the GO International Campaign. However, one look at the Erin Fetherson ad in Teen Vogue and I knew I had to get the red heart-shaped tote.
Even though it was 7pm and I was still in complete cheer uniform and glitter make-up from my competition, I dashed to my local Target in search of this elusive tote. After being directed to the Sporting Goods department by a clueless associate, I found out that it has not arrived at that particular Target yet. However, I will be calling everyday to ask for it, because it is scheduled to arrive soon. Too whimsical and Alice in Wonderland to not have!

I did however, find some other fabulous Erin Fetherston pieces...
A fabulously crafted cropped coat with 3/4 length bubble sleeves and a giant asymmetrical bow.

Blue jumper with velvet heart straps and big velvet heart pocket.

Who would have thought that a designer from Berkeley, land of Birkenstocks, could produce such whimsical sophistication?

Miss Couturable
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