Sunday, November 4, 2007

The prettiest things in life

I've been MIA for about a month, and I wish I could say it is because I was busy with spending quality time with my family or organizing a wonderful charity fashion show to save the world, but the truth is, I was just being selfish this whole time. The past month or so, I have only thought of myself. My primary concerns were school, meeting deadlines for yearbook, meeting deadlines for work, winning at competitions for cheer, and picking out new outfits. I love being busy, but living a continuous routine of nonstop stress and work everyday can make you lose sight of the truly beautiful things in life.
Last week, I volunteered at a Halloween festival for low-income families where I helped little kids make scarecrows. Sure, it was just scarecrow making and it was a small thing, but it was so worth it and lightened up my whole week. I'm a sucker for little kids (which is why I'm a volunteer for March of Dimes), but I also realized that the most refreshing and beautiful things in life aren't Chanel pumps or Balenciaga bags.

You can be stylish and do good for the world. I urge you to get out there some time this November and volunteer for a cause you really care about. We can be both couturable and caring. Beauty is love.

Not sure where to start?
My favorite causes/organizations are:
March of Dimes (save babies from prematurity and birth defects)
Look Good...Feel Better (help women and teens in cancer treatment with appearance-changes)
The Princess Project (help teens who cannot afford prom dresses to attain one for their special night--links will also direct you to similar projects if you don't live near San Francisco)

Miss Couturable
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