Thursday, December 20, 2007

Brainy fashionistas

On one of my most favorite online forums,, there is a thread called "Post your classes." One of my friends speculated that in this online mecca of fashionistas, there aren't many advanced classes listed -- unless it's advanced patternmaking for the creative ones. However, as I skimmed through the replies to this thread, I came across courseloads like these:
Numerical Analysis
Advanced Fluid Mechanics
Aerodynamics Lab/Lecture
Aerospace Materials
Automatic Controls
Rationality and Collective Reasoning
Philosophy 12A: Intro to Logic
Poli Sci 179: Undergraduate Colloquium on Political Science
Anthropology 162: Anthropology of Folklore
Slavic 30: Intro to Russian/East European/Eurasian Culture
Econ 2: Intro to Econ
Physics C21: Physics and music
Scandinavian 106: The Works of Hans Christian Andersen
It's wonderful to know that most people nowadays don't correlate fashion with lack of intelligence -- I believe you're so much more stylish if you're eager to learn about anything that interests you, even if it's not directly related to fashion.

Plum Sykes studied modern history at Oxford University; Jane Keltner studied art history and English at Barnard College; Erin Fetherston studied the arts at UC Berkeley. What inspirations to the brainy and studious fashionistas among us who enjoy writing term papers on post-transcendentalist literature in Marc Jacobs flats (I can't be the only one like this)!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm inspired to finish reading the next three chapters of my AP United States History textbook.

Miss Couturable
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