Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas internship advice for my lovelies!

Wherever you are, I hope you are all celebrating a wonderful Christmas eve -- with plenty of presents to wake up to, cutefaces!

I thought long and hard about what I can give my readers, and because so many of you have asked me about applying for internships -- I've decided to share with you some advice. I hope you find them helpful!
  1. Don't be afraid of starting small, such as writing clips for free. This will build your portfolio and resume, and before you know it -- you'll be skimming past the "no pay" writing opportunities!
  2. Make your cover letter standout, especially if you're young like me. Relate to the magazine, tell the specific person you're emailing that you enjoy their work (and be familiar with it) -- be passionate.
  3. Convert your resume to PDF format at It's free, quick, and simple! PDFs look so much more cleaner than word documents.
  4. Email all of the assistants and editors for the department you want to work in -- contacting human resources wouldn't hurt either.
  5. Even if you don't have a lot of experience, start small! Look up internship opportunities on Ed2010, Daily Fashion Jobs, Free Fashion Internships, and Craigslist. Your local career services offices or college counseling department may have suggestions too.
  6. Network with the alumni from your school -- the alumni office is a great resource that you cannot neglect!
  7. Be ready to fly to New York City if you're required for an in-person interview. If you're applying for the summer, you might be able to wait until your spring or February break to fly there. There are exceptions though -- Seventeen never required an in-person interview with me, although I will be visiting their offices over spring break to familiarize myself before my summer internship.
  8. Always send a sincere handwritten thank you card and email after your interview! These editors and assistants are taking time out of their busy day for a prospective candidate like you.
  9. Make sure your school will give you academic credit for your internship. It is a requirement at many publishing companies.
  10. Lastly, never say never! I would never have thought Seventeen would accept me as their fashion intern -- I thought I would start at a much smaller magazine in New York City instead! And always treat the position as a privilege, because it truly is!
For more tips, you can visit Free Fashion InternTIPS, Masthead Bound, and The Fashion Social!

I hope that for some of you aspiring fashion insiders, this has made your Christmas a bit more jollier!

Miss Couturable
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