Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hello Kitty for men

I just bought my first Hello Kitty product two days ago at the Sanrio store -- an absolutely adorable cell phone charm consisting of a large pearl, black lacy bow, black beads, Kuromi charm, and large black fur ball. I'm Asian, but I'd been a Hello Kitty virgin until then.

To read that Sanrio is launching a young mens' line for Hello Kitty isn't surprising -- considering the edgy fashionistas in Asia that put my fellow Americans to shame.

What is surprising to me is that I'm coveting one of the for-men t-shirts for myself, and I don't even wear t-shirts! The baby blue bow and white kitty body set against a black background is just too darling to resist -- and an oversized men's fit would go great with a pair of black-and-white polka dot tights and blue bow headband of my own!

Miss Couturable
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