Monday, December 10, 2007

Looking like a winter wonderland

I ate too many cookies and pieces of dim sum in journalism class this morning, so I'm sitting here in the school library at lunch time admiring the delicious masterpieces of make-up art on Sephora. I'm especially partial to the "Wood Nymph" -- the spidery eyelashes and spots of iridescent color would go so perfectly with my white organza bubble dress.
Looking at these photos remind me how important the face is -- you can't have the look with only the outfit. My daily face routine could benefit from ethereal fairy eyelashes or shimmering sheer blush:
Wash with Cetaphil; slap on some benzoyl peroxide; moisturize with Skin MD shielding lotion, brush on Bare Minerals mineral veil, sunscreen foundation, and blush; apply black Lancome pencil eyeliner; rub on a layer of shimmery MAC eye pigment; and apply Dior lip gloss. Repeat every morning.
Nothing puts me into the holiday spirit better than a little bundle of glitter (and maybe a pair of wings) -- just in case you're reading this, Santa dear.

Miss Couturable
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