Friday, December 21, 2007

Princesses eat Princess cake

As I cherish my last four days of being sweet sixteen, I also look forward to my 17th birthday Princess cake from Bijan Bakery in San Jose, California. It's far too delicate to eat, no?
There's something special about being sixteen -- songs such as "Sixteen going on seventeen" from the Sound of Music romanticize the age, and I do think there is a certain innocence that flourishes at this age.
Ah well, when I turn 17 on the 25th, I hope for many more opportunities to learn, to laugh at myself, and to make others smile. Starting with this Princess cake -- who couldn't be happy with a cake like this?

SHAMELESS PLUG: If you're interested in reading more about Spice Girls and would like to read a sentimental tribute to them (written by me, of course), click here. Oh, nostalgia.

Miss Couturable
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