Thursday, December 27, 2007

The quest for comfortable 4 inch pumps

Before I went shopping yesterday, I've never owned a pair of 4 inch heels. I own a variety of 3 inch stilletos, pumps, and wedges -- but the extra inch on a 4 inch pump just seemed too much to be practical. Can anyone tell the difference between a girl wobbling on 4 inch heels and a girl effortlessly gliding (I know, I'm exaggerating) on 3 inch heels? Either way, an observer will point at the girl who stumbles on the sidewalk crack and say, "Now that girl cannot walk in heels." -- never mind the fact that 4 inch stilletos require much more balance and endurance than a pair of 3 inch pumps.

My answer to the 4 inch heel came yesterday, in the form of a pair of Taryn by Taryn Rose Crinkle Patent Platform Heels. Taryn Rose is an orthopedic surgeon with a penchant for stylish footwear -- the support for each shoe is designed so well that your foot doesn't realize that it's in 4 inch heels! Plus, the stem is bedecked in sparkles -- perfect for New Year's! Oh, the adventure we'll have together.

Miss Couturable
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