Monday, December 31, 2007

Sweet dreams are made of this

The past few nights, I have been sleeping very late because I've been studying for final exams and the SAT -- class hasn't even started for me yet, but I'm already feeling the strain of second semester junior year pulling against me. During a ten-minute study break around 1am, I found this fabulous Holly Golightly sleep mask on Fred Flare -- remarkably similar to that of our favorite American cinema socialite, isn't it?Of course, I didn't have a sleep mask to channel my inner Miss Holly Golightly last night -- nor did I have a large tuxedo shirt and tasseled earplugs to complete the look.

I eventually fell asleep to 'Let Love Lead the Way' by the Spice Girls. The soothing tempo and smooth vocals makes the song such a perfect lullaby -- who says only little kids can listen to bedtime songs? The best sleep elixir is a clear mind and a song that eventually drowns into your slumber.

I'm sure Miss Holly Golightly didn't listen to the Spice Girls before bed, but perhaps I'll cross the tasseled earplugs off of my Breakfast at Tiffany's shopping list. The extra large tuxedo shirt and sleep mask stay though.

Miss Couturable
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