Sunday, December 9, 2007

What I really really want: Roberto Cavalli for Spice Girls

This past Tuesday (December 4th, 2007), I attended the Spice Girls reunion concert at HP Pavilion in San Jose, California.
I was only six when the Spiceworld album was released, but I vividly remember wearing Spice Girls t-shirts to school and role-playing Spice Girls at recess (unfortunately, I wasn't cute enough to be Baby). I knew the lyrics to every one of their songs -- but not a clue about the meanings of the lyrics. Did I know that "2 Become 1" included a safe sex reference: "Be a little bit wiser baby, put it on, put in on tonight"? No, and neither did my parents. Nonetheless, the Spice Girls pre-Britney, pre-boy band -- and throughout the years since their break-up, I still open up my iTunes and dance to "Stop" in my underwear.
The concert itself was wonderful; the Spice Girls always know how to put on a good show. What stood out the most wasn't the Roberto Cavalli outfits (although they were just perfect!) or even the mad dash for cheesy bling-bling logoed t-shirts. It was the adoring and adorable fans.
As I stood in line with my friend waiting for the building to open, I noticed a little 6 year old girl in front of me, dressed in a pink leopard print dress telling her mommy how excited she was for the concert. I couldn't contain my smile, and her mommy noticed my amusement and said, "Well, I figured this was the safest concert".
Waiting in line, I saw lots of little girls anticipating their first concert. I also saw lots of 20-somethings dressed up as the Spice Girls, reliving their high school obsession. Of course, there were lots of high school girls like me, who spent a good amount of our childhoods pretending to be the Spice Girls.
As cheesy as this sounds, this should be the girl-power Kumbaya of concerts. The Spice Girls stunned us all in their flashy Roberto Cavalli costumes -- proving that you can be a mommy and still look gorgeous, that in spite of the past -- you can remain best friends.
Roberto Cavalli did a great job updating the look of the Spice Girls. Each girl remained true to her own style -- from Baby's sweet flowing dresses to Sporty's tailored jumpsuits. Metallics were added as a Cavalli signature motif, which enhanced the bright glow on stage. In spite of their new look and their different styles, everyone could tell the Spice Girls belonged together.
The $45 logoed t-shirts just couldn't compare with the dazzling costumes, so I settled with a $10 poster from the merchandise stand.

Miss Couturable
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