Monday, December 29, 2008

Reluctant hiatus

Oh my goodness, I've had a throbbing migraine all day and there are so many new additions that I'm planning for Miss Couturable in 2009.

For example, frequent outfit postings for when I don't have a headache and disheveled hair (yes, I am going to use the tripod! I will show my face and you will see my Minnie Mouse cheekbones!), a Q&A (in case you're dying to know what I eat for breakfast, but probably not), much more fashion commentary (hey, can't stop me from writing whether or not I have the credentials for it), somewhat exciting tidbits of my daily life (I do regret never telling you all about my photoshoot with Seventeen when the photographer came over to my house), and some helpful articles for my teen readers (I will help you all get through the hurdles of shopping for a prom dress or studying for the SAT). Oh, and quite possible a new layout -- anyone care to help me out?

In the meantime, I'm still a first semester high school senior and I have one college application to finish, an extra credit AP Psychology project to do (possibly raising my grade 2.5 points!), an AP Psychology cumulative not-a-final-because-seniors-don't-get-finals exam to ace, a conceptual AP Statistics quiz to ace, a massive Gothic Literature research paper to write, plenty of pages to work on for the school yearbook, and an optional AP English Literature essay to write (and read the book for). And this is just my work for this week.

Once I'm a second semester senior in three weeks, I'll throw a tea party. Hopefully this is understandable -- my migraine was just the last straw for me. The truth is, I need a breather before I'm refreshed again. Happy new year!

Miss Couturable

Tiaras for teens

First of all, I love princesses: Grace Kelly, Diana of Wales, Zara Phillips, Rania or Jordan, and plenty more of these tiara girls that can rival any socialite on Park Avenue. Secondly, I love New York City -- my emergency hospital visit to the Upper East Side did not change this. Lastly, I love public libraries and I've held my own library card since I was 7 years old.

So, the Tiara Auction to benefit the New York City Public Library's teen programs is the sort of quirky charity fundraiser I'd come up with if I was a New York City philanthropist who read The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot. It auctions tiaras designed by figures such as make-up artist Bobbi Brown, fashion designer Nicole Miller, and even author Meg Cabot herself.

My personal favorites are:

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Sunday Six: December 28th, 2008

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful holiday break -- of course, I still have one more week left until school begins, but I have so much work to do within these next few days! 2009 (a.k.a., graduation year) is in only four days and I'm so excited for all of the exciting things that the new year will bring!
  1. The Christmas spirit of giving is alive -- whether or not the jolly old fat man exists. Just read this postsecret from two weeks ago and the emailed responses underneath it.
  2. For about three days straight, I watched three seasons of Gilmore Girls. "You officially have no life," remarked a friend. Luckily, I stopped being a couch potato last night. Holiday breaks are excellent for being a sloth. Have you been watching any television shows lately, perhaps nonstop like me?
  3. This morning, I worked with some classmates in preparing lunch at a local family homeless shelter. I wished more of my classmates could have come. I hope you all find some time within the next few days to spread some holiday spirit! It takes the community to change the community.
  4. I've decided that it's time to get a real job -- whether it's steady freelance writing or a Starbucks barista position. Any suggestions?
  5. Okay, so it's a new year (almost). Now tell me, what would you like to see on Miss Couturable? Outfit posts (I should probably get my new camera to work anyways)? More commentary? Less commentary (scratch that, nothing can keep me from writing)? Q&A?
  6. New obsession: World War II propaganda film. Propaganda is a fascinating approach to studying history. Fine, I admit it, I really am a couch potato.
And so here concludes the last Sunday Six of 2008.

Miss Couturable

Saturday, December 27, 2008

One more, Nanette Lepore

When I first laid eyes upon these Nanette Lepore slingback booties, I thought they were awkward-looking with their chunky heels and forest green color. I mean, I still don't find the photo of them online to be attractive at all. The ruffles change nothing -- for some reason, I was reminded of these slingback clogs.

But I saw these booties in person today, held them in my hand, tried them on -- and decided that I should just try on every single item that I've ever found hideous or even slightly ugh-ly because these shoes look so much better in person.

They have a Victorian-era flavor and are one of the most comfortable heels I've ever worn (and I'm making it a New Year's Resolution to wear heels more often). I'm excited to conjure up ways to incorporate this forest green piece that I had previously shunned into my wardrobe. There is something unusually feminine about Nanette Lepore pieces that always makes me go back.

Miss Couturable

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Imaginary Christmas wishlist

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas! My family's refraining from formally exchanging Christmas presents today, and instead we're going to go shop the sales tomorrow! We've been investing our Christmas money in nice celebration dinners and hosting festive parties instead -- which is still considerably cheaper than a present exchange in our family. However, in my dreams, this is what I'd want to wake up to on Christmas morning (you know, if Santa thought I was really good this year):
Celine Scarf neck cocktail dress
Sometimes the little black dress just won't do.
Brian Atwood Eva Strass sandals
I can't resist crystals and giant bows.
RM by Roland Mouret Dax sleeveless top
There are silk ruffles -- but it's still demurely minimalist.
Moschino Cheap & Chic ruffled coat
Purple just might be my new favorite color?
Carolina Herrera pleated dress
Yeah, I think so.
RM by Roland Mouret Arletty collarless jacket
Powerhouse woman with a penchant for origami.
Mike & Chris Lyle belted poncho
Am I feel alright? When did I ever consider wearing a poncho?
Christian Louboutin Cancan feather clutch
I wish I had a magical clutch that could carry an infinite amount of items à la Harry Potter.

I think one of the most fascinating things with "window shopping" is comparing my tastes with that of other bloggers, such as Jane from Sea of Shoes or Susie Bubble. We'd all pick out completely different pieces but I can't help but have reverence for what these girls can pull off.

Time to bake cookies with my Mommy! What did you get for Christmas? What did you do for Christmas?

Miss Couturable

Merry Christmas!

Over truffled cheese fondue tonight, Mommy whispered to me, "Happy birthday. You're 18."

So, I'm 18 (at least I am according to east coast time), but I still can't eat fondue without burning my tongue. I still can't chew gum without biting my lip at least four times in the same spot ("How can you bleed this much?!" asked my bewildered friends last week).

When I was younger (but not that much younger), I would run around the house with a blanket tied around my neck like a cape, pretending to be Superwoman.

And you know, I realized tonight that it's time to stop pretending -- because there is potential to be super and do good for the world. And save up for the Givenchy boots I've been craving. Even if I don't have the coordination to chew gum and think at the same time.

Like any 18 year old, I look forward to the future -- but I wouldn't trade anything for the present. Happy holidays to you, my lovely readers, and your families!

Miss Couturable

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Finally LinkedIn

A friend of mine described LinkedIn as "that site for old business people", and of course I proceeded to spend the next hour creating my own LinkedIn profile so that I may connect with my colleagues, classmates, and friends in a professional so-called "old people" manner. Since apparently, Twitter, Gmail, blogging, and Facebook haven't been enough for me.

So just in case any of my readers have professional LinkedIn profiles and are interested in building business connections with me or just seeing what I'm up to when I'm not eating chocolate-covered cherries, feel free to add me.

Miss Couturable

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Sunday Six: December 21st, 2008

During the month of December, I like to pull out old personal journal entries from the same day in the past years and reflect on how much I've changed in one year, two years, three years time. I'd pull up some excerpts but they're too embarrassing to share -- even I cringe when I read them.
  1. Guy Kawasaki, who is an amazing venture capitalist that Teresa introduced me to, wrote a witty yet profound blog entry titled, "Everything I Need to Know About Entrepreneurship I Learned From My Comrades in Moscow". You can start a business anywhere; I'll remember that.
  2. One of the prettiest and most ethereal blogs I've ever seen, The Unicorn Diaries, posts lovely screenshots from The Little Princess, one of my most favorite movies. I had an obsession with both the book and the movie when I was younger -- I was (and still am) convinced that all girls are princesses.
  3. One of my friends got me an absolutely beautiful hardcover book/calendar called A Year in Fashion by Pascal Morche. For every day of the year, there are two pages with fashion photography throughout history and quotations from the likes of Bill Blass and Kenzo Takada. There are even lines to jot down notes for the day -- but this book is too precious to scrawl upon. Still, what a wonderful present for my eighteenth year!
  4. My friends have truly been spoiling me lately -- because I also attained the deep yellow feathered silk sash belt that I've been craving from J. Crew! I'm very excited to think of ways that I can wear this spot of sunshine during the winter. Any suggestions?
  5. For the first time in my life yesterday, I ate cupcake's from Kara's Cupcakes, which is a local bakery that rivals Sprinkles in my area. It was disappointing that there was no red velvet, but the pumpkin with cream cheese frosting was definitely satisfying!
  6. What are you allowed to do in California when you turn eighteen? Really, I have no inclination of starring in a porno.
Also, I just wanted to say thank you for reading Miss Couturable! It was while I was sitting at dinner with Teresa yesterday that I realized how funny blogging can be, for bringing people together.

Miss Couturable

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The best things in life are free

It's that time of the year again -- the time of the year to take advantage of Urban Outfitter's free one year subscription to Nylon offer. I don't say no to free magazine subscriptions.

Miss Couturable

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Clutched my heart

Is this true love at first sight? Because ever since I set my eyes on this Jamin Puech Alejo Clutch, I just can't seem to forget it. Saying that I like shiny things is an understatement.

Miss Couturable

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm a quitter

Normally I wouldn't classify myself as a quitter, but I could argue that I am. My freshman and sophomore years of high school, I was a committed member of the debate team, a cabinet officer in Junior Statesmen of America, and a dancer who took both ballet and Chinese ethnic dance classes.

Needless to say, I quit all of these activities for the sake of fashion, journalism, and cheerleading. While I was winning numerous speaker awards and receiving top sixteen seedings at various debate tournaments, I wanted to do more than argue -- I wanted to write. While I was involved in the behind-the-scenes process for Junior Statesmen of America, I realized that politics was not for me -- I was more interested in grassroots activism. And while I had been a dancer since fourth grade, I began cheerleading in sixth grade -- and I wanted to rebuild the cheerleading program at my school.

So I quit. And I don't regret it a bit.

The moment I quit these activities, I began to take the train to a local fashion designer's studio every weekend to be her assistant. It was my first small escapade into the fashion industry, and I have never looked back.

A lot of you have been asking me about my college situation -- so yes, I was denied from the school I applied early to (I'm sure you can all figure out which school it is).

Of course I was sad. The next day, as I continued to work on my college applications, my college counselor told me that while I had the grades and scores to get into the top schools -- it's just not that easy to understand why I do what I do. I moped for a few hours because the truth is, I care about my education more than about any fashion publishing career at the point in my life where I am now (hey, I'm still seventeen). I want to harness my education and learn about a wide plethora of academic studies, which is why I am not pursuing a preprofessional degree in journalism or in fashion design. I want to pursue a study in feminist expression, combining my love for literature, art history, politics, history, and gender studies -- and oh, I am so excited for these educational opportunities in college.

So yes, I am a quitter.

But I quit for the right reasons. Last Friday, my English teacher asked our class, "If you didn't get into a certain college, do you really think your dreams in life are over?"

I know it's winter break, but I'm working hard right now -- I have my dreams and I'm not quitting this time. I hope you won't either. Happy holidays!

Miss Couturable

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Sunday Six: December 14th, 2008

I just finished my government paper -- which means I'm finally on winter break (minus college applications and some articles I need to catch up on due to sickness)! Thank goodness for not having final exams as a senior.
  1. Teresa's explication about what blogging means to her made me cry. I am such a geek.
  2. Mochi, an online (was going to be print, but the recession didn't help) magazine for Asian-American girls that I do some writing and editing for, has some great articles -- including an exclusive Brenda Song feature!
  3. Every day, Gala is hosting some wonderful holiday giveaways! Please check them out and enter them if you can -- the prizes are absolutely fantastic. Gosh, she spoils her readers, no?
  4. Happy birthday, Susie Bubble! Now everyone, head over to her blog and tell her that she doesn't look a day over 18/20/22.
  5. An eye for an eye? How do you feel about this? Ameneh Bahrami was blinded and severely disfigured four years ago when a rejected suitor took his revenge by dumping sulfuric acid on her head
  6. Miss at la Playa (my favorite Spanish blog) has Prada desktop wallpapers!
Now excuse me, I'm still horrified that Britney Spears concert tickets are over $300. Even Spice Girls reunion concert tickets could be bought pre-sale for $85!

Miss Couturable

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Take me to Russia

"Some supernatural force drew Kitty's eyes to Anna's face. She was enchanting in her simple black dress, enchanting were her full arms with the bracelets on them, enchanting her firm neck with its string of pearls, enchanting her curly hair in disarray, enchanting the graceful, light, movements of her small feet and hands, enchanting that beautiful face in its animation; but there was something terrible and cruel in her enchantment." -- Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
The translation of the great novel, Anna Karenina, that I'm currently reading for English class is over 800 pages long -- and I admit it, I adore every night's 40-page assigned reading. Maybe I just adore Russia in general; I want to study art history in St. Petersburg while I'm in college, I wish Sasha Pivarova could be my best friend, Miroslava Mikheeva-Duma of Russian Harper's Bazaar is my fellow petite style idol, and Russian Vogue once featured a spread with Minnie Mouse. And the Bolshoi Ballet? I still hope to catch their rendition of The Nutcracker someday.
It should then be quite obvious that I adore Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel Pre-Fall 2009 Collection for all of its Muscovite/Parisian luxury and references to Russia's rich past -- from communist red to Cossack boots to pseudo-military pins to Fabergé egg-like embroidered patterns.
I'd also really like this jacket -- and the attitude that comes along with it.

Coincidentally, I'm off to finish tonight's reading of Anna Karenina.

Miss Couturable

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Sunday Six: December 7th, 2008

With a multitude of projects to finish, articles to write, and tests to study for this week -- I, like Casey of Teen Fashionista, am counting down the numbers until I can breathe again. Really, send me an email if you'd like to be my late-night study buddy.
  1. This fourth-grade boy wrote a book about love -- too cute. "'If I say hi and you say hi back, we're probably off to a good start,' he said" Aww!
  2. My dear laptop broke last week, so now I'm using a new laptop without image editing software. Is there an online, no-download-needed, image editing tool that I can use for the time being?
  3. Phillip Lim's 15-year-old intern Colby Jordan. Just watch the video and wish you were the girl Lim was taking to the Costume Institute.
  4. I'm starting to miss New York City, specifically because I enjoyed wandering the city by myself and feeling infinite. There were times that I felt lonely because it is not the typical high school thing to live in a big city by oneself, but I definitely yearn for the leisurely walks I had by the Hudson River.
  5. I don't want an X-Box, but if you like videos and happen to be good at poetry -- why not enter the giveaway at Fashionista?
  6. My favorite forum is The Fashion Spot -- so many intelligent and stylish people are in that forum! What about yours?
Now, back to my statistics homework.

Miss Couturable

Friday, December 5, 2008

Backpack revival

There is a girl at my school who carries a gigantic Juicy Couture tote bag for all of her school materials everyday, heels or no heels. The cloth bag is stretched tight and packed with books, and the poor girl always walks around campus with an extreme tilt to her left because the giant bag weighs her down.

Personally, I don't think the tote bag is worth the posture problem. I, being the booknerd that I am, carry a monogrammed black backpack with zebra-print ribbon along with a bamboo cloth laptop bag. The truth is, my classes are spread apart on campus and I have pounds of books for each class -- which is further exemplified by the fact that most girls at my school also carry backpacks because carrying a tote bag comfortably is almost impossible unless one is willing to carry some of the books or upgrade to a bigger (and more backbreaking) tote bag. Tote bags work when one doesn't have too many books -- otherwise, it just looks ridiculously impractical.

Therefore, I have an attachment to backpacks -- and I don't think they deserve the contempt that they get amongst "fashionable" teenage girls. I was pleased to discover WSJ. Magazine's article about Gucci's new line of backpacks. These backpacks are of a reasonable and practical size -- and definitely sharp enough for us style-discerning booknerds.

I mean, asking our teachers to cut down on the textbooks probably won't work.

Miss Couturable

Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday pick-me-up

Waking up to find $15 to Sephora in my inbox made waking up at 6:00am more bearable after a week of sleeping in. I will have you know that I am thoroughly pumped for the next two weeks of school (as a senior, I don't have final examinations!).

Miss Couturable

Photography lessons

My journalism teacher told me that I needed to improve my photography skills -- and so, while I'm trying not to contain my excitement, there is a new Nikon D300 camera in the room next door that I am currently reading the instruction manual for. While I won't be the next Annie Leibovitz, there is a lot about fashion, art, and journalism that I still need to learn! One cannot underestimate the power of the lens.
Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader of Reed + Rader produce some of my favorite pieces of contemporary photography -- with one glance at their portfolio, you can find both alluring and yet disturbing elements. The muffled women, the isolated desert scenes; the subject of each photograph seems to be the photograph itself. I wouldn't just call them photographers -- they're visual artists that combine stunning photography with computer arts. Animation included.

Is it intriguing? Most definitely. Is it Vogue? Probably not; I'm guessing Anna Wintour wouldn't like the strange purple monster in that model's hand.

Miss Couturable

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Sunday Six: November 30th, 2008

Assuming most of you are going back to school (like me) or work tomorrow, I hope you savor your last few hours of the weekend (and Thanksgiving break).
  1. I walked past a nice elderly lady who was selling jewelry on a table -- most of which were too sparkly for me -- but she was selling these big glass disks on silver chokers. My Gothic Literature teacher wears giant stones as jewelry, which has fascinated me even more than her crisp British accent, so I was eager to find a choker that focuses on a single giant piece. It's better than pasting a giant disk on my neck, I suppose.
  2. Terry Richardson's 2009 Vogue Calender via Pretty Legit -- saucy, no?
  3. I give kudos to the movie, Twilight, for integrating racial diversity into that small town in Washington (which seems somewhat unlikely because I was the only Asian in a small town in Oregon many years ago, but oh well) -- but I still find the dialogue to be laughable. "You're like my own personal brand of heroin." Really?
  4. I absolutely adore Jane from Sea of Shoes. And her mother. And her "father". I'm sure you do too!
  5. A bit random, but this article from TIME about designing restaurant menus is fascinating -- marketing, marketing.
  6. Now tell me, what did you do for Thanksgiving? My family's quite tiny, and Mumsies is out of town (not to mention, good ol' Daddy can't cook very well, bless his soul), so we (as in my father, my little sister, and me) went to Trevese for an amazing five-course dinner -- after watching Twilight (which surprisingly was my father's pick).
Is tomorrow really December 1st? What excites you about this year's holiday season?

Miss Couturable

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday death

Caught my eye today: "Worker dies at Long Island Wal-Mart after being trampled in Black Friday stampede".

Tell me the truth -- would a good bargain at any store compel you to step on a person? If there was a list of ways to die, I would consider this one of the worst. Perhaps, this is a reminder to consider the consequences of our actions -- no matter how insignificant we may think they are.

Miss Couturable

Retail ennui

Is it possible to have retail ennui? A great part of me wanted to sleep in this morning and skip the Black Friday frenzy -- another part of me realized that I had way too many presents to buy. and absolutely nothing else to do on a Friday morning.

As a rare outfit post, today I wore my red dot Bill Blass jacket, silver silk scarf, pearl necklace (thanks Mumsies!), white Gap tank top (okay I admit it, I slept in this top and was too groggy in the morning to change), black Uniqlo skinny jeans, and Sonia Rykiel sandals. Oh, and this Botkier bag. Last year, I foolishly wore heels on Black Friday and practically glared at anyone who made me wait in line.

I had absolutely no interest in buying anything -- I suppose it is because I have everything I need. I'm considering my next investment to be an Anne Fontaine blouse that I tried on and the poor saleslady was trying to tempt me to purchase, but for now I have absolutely no immediate sartorial needs to satisfy. Perhaps I am just too picky for my own good, but I cannot garner the enthusiasm to purchase something unless I can consider it an investment. Well, investment is subjective -- but I can't trick myself into thinking that these Juicy Couture cupcake earrings are an investment. Adorable, perhaps, but my pearls will do for now.

Miss Couturable

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Apologies for the holidays

"I asked for a Harry Winston choker for my birthday. Instead, I got a conscience." -- Blair Waldorf
Dear readers of Miss Couturable,

It has been of great concern to me that I may have offended some of you with my enthusiasm for Black Friday sales. This hasn't been the first time that I've been accused of living in a glass bowl or in a bubble -- there is no reason why any of you should pity me for this, as I wholeheartedly believe that my readers are wiser and more worldly than me and can assert their judgments on me to some degree.

I know that I am lucky. Most parents would not be willing to allow their 17-years-old daughter to live in her own apartment on the Upper West Side in New York City for two months -- 3,000 miles away from home (dear Mommy and Daddy, thank you for everything). I know I lament over my lack of sleep thanks to my choice of taking 5 AP classes, but I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to attend a school that offers me these resources. I definitely am a very lucky girl with no right to be as happy as I am, and I was wrong to be thankful for something as trivial as Black Friday sales when I know some of my own friends are not exchanging Christmas presents this year because they cannot afford to do so. I am not proud of myself for what I said and I cannot defend myself for this reason. I am very sorry.

So, in perhaps the most personal piece of writing that you will ever see on Miss Couturable (really, I try to refrain from being too personal), I would like to truly express my gratitude to:

Daddy: I still remember waking up in the middle of the night at the hospital and finding you crying next to my bed. Thank you for loving me in spite of the difficulties of raising me -- I guess our relationship defines tough love, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

The opportunities I have; the pressure to achieve success is a lucky possession to have.

Mommy: You helped me hide my D on my 5th grade math test from Daddy. You're rarely home anymore, but it made me laugh when you called yesterday and told me that you were buying me a collection of pearl earrings and more headbands. Thank you for loving me like only a mother could -- no one else would take temperature when I have the flu.

God; faith is precious.

Kathy: You taught me to share. Thanks for being the younger, prettier, more talented daughter -- I know you're only 9, but I have big hopes for you.

Free speech.

Alyssa, Priya, Stephanie, Janet, Gabby, Daniel, Kelly, Sarah, Juliane, Nate, Mai, Steffo, Prachi, Albert: Thanks for making me want to be a better person -- and for teaching me what it means to selflessly love. Where would I be without my charming friends, who are always there to tease me or to shake some sense into me? I'm pretty sure some of you read Miss Couturable (Nate, don't lie, I've seen it open on your internet browser).

Inspiration -- whether I'm writing my college applications or brainstorming an angle for a new article.

My amazing teachers, past and present: You've all truly changed the way I see the world. Thank you for more than an education.

President-Elect Obama.

Bloggers and blog readers like you who make me think.

A warm bed, a home, leftovers in the fridge, security, and all the simple things that make me the luckiest and happiest girl in the world.

Noel (just Noel)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, whether or not you celebrate the holiday! While Mumsies won't be home tomorrow, I am exceptionally thankful for:
webcam sessions with my little sister ♡ walking barefoot through the rain ♡ tear-jerking reconciliations with best friends ♡ President-Elect Obama ♡ luxuriating in polka-dotted silk stockings ♡ spiced apple cider soda with cranberry froth ♡ moments of inspiration while working on my college applications ♡ Black Friday sales during the economic crisis ♡ leisurely moments during Thanksgiving break when I can curl up in bed with a stack of magazines ♡ God ♡ free speech ♡ quite possibly the most wonderful and exciting year ever ♡ the potential of falling in love ♡ opportunities for success ♡ foolish mistakes ♡ lessons learned from such mistakes ♡ a limitless future ♡ falling asleep to the scent of coconut oil ♡ wool peacoats and cashmere sweaters ♡ endless cupcake bakeries within driving distance of my house ♡ knowing that we have the means and ability to change the world ♡ getting to know lovely people like you
What are you thankful for?

Miss Couturable

But it doesn't snow where I live

The sloping curvature and fluffy white faux fur of this Kira Plastinina hat reminds me of the snowy mountain that the Grinch lives on. Or at least something that a Dr. Seuss character would wear.

Happy Holidays!

Miss Couturable

Monday, November 24, 2008

Rooming with editors

This morning, I stumbled upon the following notice, which may appeal to recent college graduates in New York City:
East Village apt with Editors at Nylon and Lucky
$1,140 - East Village apartment available - washer/dryer, backyard & lots more… (10009)
Num Rooms: 3
Num Baths: 2
E. 11th St. (near b/n B and C)

Move in December 1 (date is flexible), lease goes until August. Rent is $1140 plus utilities. Email if interested. Thanks!!

* Location: 11th St. between B & C. Avenue B has Gruppo pizza, Back 40 and lots of fun dives, coffee shops and vintage stores. Avenue C has Esperanto, Cafe Cito, Zum Schneider, Sunburnt Cow, Porch and so much else within walking distance. Convenient to Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s in Union Square and Associated on C & 8th. Spin City (best drycleaner in the EV), Kasadela (home of the city’s largest sake selection) and Tompkins Square Park are all right down the street.

* Three bedrooms on the first and basement floors of a pre-war building - available room is on the first floor, roughly 8x12 with a closet and a backyard (non-street-side) view. Painted a nice light blue/green.

* Backyard we share with three 20-somethings who are nice and fun. Grill, patio furniture and a few flowers with potential for more.

* Washing machine and dryer *IN THE APARTMENT* - located in the kitchen. I can’t tell you how much this will change your life.

* Living room with a humongous flat-screen TV.

* Dishwasher

* Great shower pressure

* The roommates: Caroline & Faran, two lovely ladies in their mid-20s who work at Lucky and Nylon, respectively. Laid-back and fun, both very busy but cool to kick it with.
Honestly, I love Caroline Kinneberg and Faran Krentcil's work -- the Lucky website wouldn't be as resourceful without Caroline and Faran, of course, founded Fashionista. How amazing would it be to room with some phenomenally talented editors?

Then again, I wouldn't want them to hear me sing in the shower.

Miss Couturable

The Sunday Six: November 23rd, 2008

My mommy left the country and shan't be home for quite a while -- which is a damper on the family Thanksgiving. I know there is a lot to be thankful for this year, so I won't complain. I have an entire week off from school, so I've finally getting the rest I need! I'm starting to think that my only Thanksgiving tradition is sleeping early so that I can go shopping on Black Friday.

  1. I'm obsessed with "Her Eyelashes" by Jay Chou, who I can loosely say is the Asian Justin Timberlake (but so much better).
  2. I mean, if I don't achieve my dream of becoming a magazine editor, pencil escort sounds somewhat exciting.
  3. Why yes, I can write serious articles about the retail industry! As Assistant Editor for Nolcha Metier, I've been blessed in being able to expand my journalistic pursuits into writing about business. Read my article about the tween retail market here -- I spent so much time on interviews but it was so worth it.
  4. As an addendum to my wish list, I think these Alliterative Alphabet Necklaces from Anthropologie are adorable. N-O-E-L, please?
  5. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is probably one of the reasons why everyone intends to lose the extra pounds as their New Year's Resolution. I'll be watching on December 3rd.
  6. Excellent read for bloggers by Nubby Twiglet: Personality, Branding, and Blogging.
What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

Miss Couturable

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Santa, I've been good this year

With my eighteenth birthday and Christmas approaching (I was born on Christmas -- hence the name Noel), I've been thinking about how to approach the age-old question: What do you want?

A friend recently told me that her family is not exchanging Christmas presents this year (because of the economic crisis) in order to save money for college. I bit my tongue because I had spent the last few weeks gradually making a wish list for my eighteenth birthday/Christmas, because my parents did not mention any issues of money with me even though I knew that my college savings fund was being depleted by the recession, and because I knew that there is absolute nothing that I need this year.

Therefore, I present my wish list with a grain of salt -- I could never expect these presents in a time like this, when the economy is so terrible and college tuition piling on top of high school tuition is just around the corner. Now, if I owned diamond mines in Africa and hid gold bars under my bed, I wouldn't be conjuring up such a fantastical list for Santa -- in reality, I'd rather have peace on Earth (and maybe a sweet boy under the mistletoe):
A wool coat from Betsey Johnson, an Agent Provocateur bow garter, a canary yellow feather sash belt from J. Crew, Stella McCartney pumps, a Yorkshire Terrier named Britannia, a custom-made bolero by BONZIE, a subscription to the darling Lula Magazine, a dress by Paule Ka, the book Style by Kate Spade, extravagant Shu Uemura false eyelashes, a Blackberry Storm for my inner technology geek, Team Chuck t-shirt, Holly Golightly sleep mask, a sharp jacket by 3.1 Phillip Lim, giant hair bows à la Brigitte Bardot, the Chanel 2.55.

I suppose I'd also have to include getting into college.

What is on your holiday/birthday wishlist?

Miss Couturable

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Looking for copies

Okay, I lost track of time (someday, I'll take a screenshot of my packed monthly calendar/agenda) and forgot to pick up extra copies of the November 2008 issue of Seventeen with my name in the masthead. To my dismay, I went to Borders the day after the December/January 2008 issue was released. However, I'd really like to have a few for keepsake purposes and one to frame.

Thus, my dear lovely readers, if any of you are willing to send me your copy (or any extra copies that you may have), please email me and I will be in deep gratitude.

Apparently the bookstores immediately send the past issues to the recycling plant.

Miss Couturable

Attaboy, Alex!

Yes, that is Connie from Pretty Legit. Yes, that is Alexander Wang, who just won the CFDA. Yes, that is an atrocious photo of me from this past summer.

No, I don't even care because I'm extraordinarily proud of Alex and I bet his mommy is too.

Miss Couturable

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I am:
  1. So congested that I can only breathe through my mouth.
  2. Suffering a migraine that has lasted 22 hours so far.
  3. Losing my voice.
  4. A ball of phlegm at the moment.
Until my health returns, I'm going to read Tolstoy and drink orange juice. I hope to make this up with next week's Sunday Six.

Miss Couturable

P.S. Follow my blog with bloglovin´? There are too many blogging tools nowadays.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Young'ns younger than me

I'm quite sure that that everyone who reads Miss Couturable knows that I'm 17 years old. I'm not old at all -- okay fine, I'm old enough to make many important life decisions but I'm still an avid shopper of the boys department.

But seriously, younger fashion bloggers such as Kristin (age 14) and Jane (age 16) make me feel incredibly incompetent and unstylish. Kristin started her own fashion magazine and Jane has the most enviable wardrobe of a teenage girl that I've ever seen.

I am humbled.

Miss Couturable

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Sunday Six: November 9th, 2008

I didn't think Twitter would be so useful -- but I've found many of tidbits for this week's Sunday Six simply by twittering! I'm slowly embracing social media, site by site.
  1. These Disney Retro Pinups paintings by Amy Mebberson are fantastic -- I'm hoping to buy the Snow White print (the red garter is a nice finish, no?) for my dorm room in college. This is just one of the reasons why I will never outgrow Disney. Thanks Chic and Charming @ Twitter!
  2. A guilty pleasure of mine is reading horoscopes -- I always make sure to read them at the backs of magazines, but I had not found a suitable and decent online horoscope website until now. Astrobarry horoscopes are both insightful and realistic -- not to mention detailed. Thanks Gala Darling @ Twitter!
  3. I'm just as excited that my name is listed in the masthead of the November 2008 issue of Seventeen as I was for the October 2008 issue. I'll be at Borders buying extra copies very soon.
  4. I've been updating and cleaning up my blogroll like Susie Bubble -- if you have a blog that you'd like me to check out and potentially place on my blogroll, feel free to comment here. However, I only list blogs that I personally subscribe to myself.
  5. I summed up my courage this afternoon and tried out as a model for the school fashion show! The results come out tomorrow, but either way I'm proud of myself for taking a chance and even blowing a kiss at the judges. If I didn't try out this year as a senior, I would never have the chance again.
  6. Susie Bubble introduces us to Spanish luxury brand Loewe! I'm craving the ruffled pumps.
Now, please twitter me if you haven't already -- or start twittering, because social media is not leaving the internet.

Miss Couturable

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Petite perfection

Being dark-haired and petite, I've rarely found any role models in fashion that I religiously ogle over. Sure, Audrey Hepburn worked the little black dress -- but she was also much taller and could pull off evening gowns with much greater ease. Call it the self-reference effect -- for some reason, I could not consider anyone to be my "style role model" (if I had to define such a thing) unless she had the same build as me.
Luckily, I discovered Miroslava Mikheeva-Duma of Russian Harper's Bazaar this week. This petite and youthful fashion editor pulls off the most daring silhouettes to complement and accentuate her slightly curvy but very small frame. She mixes adorable innocence with classic sophistication -- from an assortment of Birkins to short satin dresses.

Did I mention that she's an economist?

Miss Couturable

Tiara thoughts

Yesterday, I was asked if I wanted to compete in the Miss Teen Chinatown Charity Fundraiser Gala. In other words, a scholarship pageant. I had never thought about competing for a crown, of walking down a stage in a long evening gown and performing dance numbers in unison. I've always been behind the scenes -- the production of, not the performance of, has always been my forte.

Therefore, I am asking you, my lovely and insightful readers, to give me some advice. Should I compete? Have any of you had similar experiences? How did it go?

Miss Couturable

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tulle and tutus

Diana asked me if I knew where to get a wearable tutu skirt, which is a piece I myself have sought ever since model Elma Huskic was photographed in the streets of New York City in a vintage tutu, blazer, leather boots, and tights.

If we can't all be Elma Huskic and find the perfect vintage tutu in our corner consignment store, I have found that Jenjoy Designs (which I've mentioned before) makes some phenomenal wearable tutus. I also think the more daring could wear an actual rehearsal tutu -- at $43.20, it's cheaper than the wearable tutus. Similarly, Miss Priss Tutus makes some darling adult tutus that I'm contemplating for my 18th birthday.

However, those who aren't so keen to blatantly wear layers and layers of tulle can opt for a petticoat instead -- cheaper, but just as romantic.

Miss Couturable

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A night to remember

Last night:
  1. I interviewed a cast member from Gossip Girl. I'll definitely post the link to the article when it's up!
  2. I barely completed any homework thanks to the excitement of the night. I received my mid-semester grades and I'm more determined than ever to work harder -- because I know can do much better.
  3. I cried during Senator McCain's speech. He truly loves his country. It is heartbreaking to know that he will never have a chance to become President ever again.
  4. During Senator McCain's speech, I heard someone yell (referring to Senator Obama), "Shoot him! Use your gun, Sarah!" Classy.
  5. I cried during Senator Obama's speech. I never thought the afterthought I had in seventh grade ("I could totally see Obama as president someday") would come true. Yes, we did and will do.
  6. I played "Black President" by Nas about 20 times.
  7. My heart broke when California passed Proposition 8, which bans gay marriage.
  8. I finally identified myself as a liberal.
God bless. Alexander McQueen for Target? Talk about eventful.

Miss Couturable

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fashion déjà vu

(Photo Credit -- the CW)
In the hallway at school about 20 minutes ago, a classmate asked me, "Hey, wasn't the dress you wore yesterday on Gossip Girl?"

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to watch Gossip Girl last night (but that's what weekends are for!). However, I checked the blog and apparently "Little J" is smothering Nate Archibald in the same dress.

Jenny Humphrey and I have more in common than I thought. Nate not included.

Miss Couturable

Get thee to a polling place!

Americans, please vote. Make history.

If you're too young to vote (like me), make sure your parents do. Offer to do more chores, promise to finish your homework by 8pm -- just make sure they vote!

Miss Couturable

P.S. Yes, I am an ardent supporter of Barack Obama. I've been following his career since I was in seventh grade (I'm a senior in high school now) -- his websites have been bookmarked on my web browser since then. I know a lot of people (including my own friends) doubt his ability to bring about the change that he speaks of -- and yes, a politician is different from an inspirational leader like Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr. -- but Obama has demonstrated the potential to change things. In the words of one of my friends:
He has the ability to climb mountains at break-neck speed. He jumped from community organizer to state senator to US senator to presidential nominee, beat out Hillary Clinton as the underdog in the primaries, became the first black man to be nominated for the presidency by a major party, and won the world's support and approval in the meantime. -- Katherine R. Long
And we, the United States of America, need to climb mountains again.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Twitter me

Teresa has been exerting an indecent amount of influence on me, but I'm benefiting because I enjoy listening to the advice of my elders (but that's okay, Teresa -- you're still young and gorgeous!).

She recently made a post about Twitter -- a website I've tried to steer away from in the past year because I don't need another reason to be telling the world what I'm up to, but I've succumbed to its simplicity and its widespread use.

So, twitter me. I vow to amuse you with the inklings of my life. In less than 160 140 characters.

Miss Couturable

The Sunday Six: November 2nd, 2008

Happy November, my charming readers! Over here in California, I've been waking up to bleary-eyed skies every morning -- for some reason, the chillier temperature makes me want to snuggle up and be with my friends and family more.
(Photo Credit -- Coutorture)
  1. While I don't have a book of wedding plans like Monica from Friends made in middle school, I do occasionally dream about my future wedding dress. This particular gown from Monique Lhuillier Bride Fall 2009, with its giant assymetrical ruffles that drift down in a dreamlike sequence, is my pick for the season. If I was getting married this year. Which I'm not, because I'm only 17.
  2. Teresa points out an excellent reason to study abroad during college -- and not for career-driven reasons! At many of the college meetings and tours I've attended in the past few months, many of the colleges stated that they'd provide full financial backing for the study abroad opportunities of their students. Please take advantage of these amazing experiences; I know I will once I get into college!
  3. Yay or nay on Taylor Momsen's new hipster look? I still miss "Little J."
  4. I received this bottle of Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner from the CosmoGIRL! beauty closet (R.I.P.) last spring, and it is the best-smelling and most effective leave-in conditioner I have ever used! The ingredients are plant-based and water-based, so that it doesn't leave your hair feeling oily or heavy at all -- no matter how much you spray on (and I always spray to an excess). I spray it on in the mornings after I take a shower, and it smooths my hair into loose ringlets and waves without any effort.
  5. I, too, adore these Corso Como bow-tie booties featured on Fashion is Spinach.
  6. Susie Bubble has been exploring my lovely corner of the world -- a.k.a, San Francisco! I knew we had a lot of wonderful fashion and artistic development here, but seeing it candidly through a fashion expert's eyes (and yes, Susie Bubble is the fashion expert of bloggers) has been enlightening.
I am so excited to be bundling up in soft tights and cashmere shawls.

Miss Couturable