Friday, January 11, 2008

Dress with an agenda à la Blair Waldorf

When Blair Waldorf from "Gossip Girl" gets serious, you know she looks better than all the other Upper East Siders. Every Wednesday night I anticipate her conniving deeds and fabulous outfits -- she can make up any screw-up in her life with a chic headband and pair of patent flats. While I'm not suggesting that one should also thrash in the sheets with the ex-boyfriend and the ex-boyfriend's best friend as long as there's a pair of Mahnolos to ease the guilt, Blair Waldorf is the "Queen B" of dressing with an agenda -- not even "Little J" can dethrone her.
If you want to dress as fabulous as Blair, you'll have to think like her:
Don't pick out your outfit before bed on a regular basis -- you never know how you'll feel in the morning! A nightmare, an impulse to seek revenge, or just the willpower to do well on the calculus exam can completely change your mood and ultimately decide whether you want to wear flats or heels for the rest of the day.

♡ Organize your closet in categories: tops in the front -- coats and jackets in the back. Make sure your accessories are grouped together in their own categories too. Every morning, start in the tops section and make your way down to the selection of headbands to complete your look. Order and control is extremely important if you wanted to look composed in spite of any troubling matter crossing your mind.

♡ Always dress up for any occasion -- Blair Waldorf adorns her lacrosse uniform with a chic patent leather belt. "Dressed down" should no longer exist in your wardrobe vocabulary. It's never an opportunity not to slink yourself into a rouched-sleeves minidress, especially if you don't want to be forgotten. Even if it's not functional to wear a leather belt to sports practice, consider satin hair bows or cashmere knee-high socks. You'll turn heads and score points.

♡ Lastly, pick a stylish female that you can admire for both fashion sense and personality. While Blair idolizes Audrey Hepburn, other admirable and stylish women that come to mind include Jackie Onassis Kennedy, Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly, Gwen Stefani, and Princess Diana. My personal style hero is Jackie Onassis Kennedy -- a passionate journalist and a proponent for the pillbox hat! When in doubt I ask myself, "What would Jackie do?"
We could all take a leaf out of Blair Waldorf's book -- it's not just sugar, spice, and everything nice underneath the Italian wool peacoats.

Miss Couturable
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