Friday, January 25, 2008

Exam day dress: I'm ready to rock n' roll

I've got my five #2 pencils sharpened, fat pink eraser fresh and ready, and extra AAA batteries just in case my calculator dies during the SAT exam tomorrow morning.

I've reviewed through vocabulary words, grammar rules, works of literature, important points in history, and common mistakes in mathematics.

I've taken plenty of practice SAT exams over the past week -- constantly scrutinizing over the silly mistakes I made after each grading.

The only aspect of the exam I haven't prepared for? My outfit. Shall I dress 'smart' with a pencil skirt, buckled heels, and oxford shirt -- or get a little more sleep and snuggle up in my UGGs and sweatpants instead?
As an alternative, I'd really rather femme fatale my way to a great score -- channeling Eymeric Francois Spring 2008 Couture. Fill in bubbles and conquer.

Miss Couturable
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