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The Sunday Six: January 27th, 2007

After I took the SAT exam yesterday morning, I refused to do any work that would result in me being productive. So I ate Japanese food, checked out two books from the library that I haven't read yet, watched 50 First Dates (a very uplifting chick flick!), and became addicted to Cashmere Mafia. Unfortunately, I'm going to be submerged in work today.
  1. In case you haven't voted yet, please vote Miss Couturable as best teen weblog at the Eighth Annual Weblog Awards! It's such an honor already that your votes have made me a finalist -- I would be so grateful if you could find some free time to do so. It's also a great way to check out other blogs -- I'm especially obsessed with the political blog, Daily Kos.
  2. Gala posted a photo of Salvador Dali by Philippe Halsman -- definitely worth checking out, saving to your computer, and setting as your desktop background!
  3. Okay, I know Cashmere Mafia received negative reviews for being too cliché, but you can't deny the fact that Patricia Fields did a fabulous job with the wardrobes. My favorite member of the Cashmere Mafia? Mia Mason, played by Lucy Liu. Not only do I think she has the best wardrobe (huge bauble earrings appear to be her signature piece), but she works in the publishing industry as a publisher -- and attended Wellesley for undergrad and Columbia for grad. Her fiancé left her because she beat him out in a competition to become publisher -- and since then, she has buried herself in work. "But Mom! Look around, I am happy!" she says defiantly to her mother, who desperately wanted her to find someone else immediately after the break-up. Mia is strong-willed, motivated, funny, and smart -- a great role model, in my opinion. She definitely became tied with Blair Waldorf as my favorite television heroine after this letter she wrote in Modern Man magazine, after allowing her ex-fiancé's offensive cover to be used:
    Dear Modern Man,
    You know what this modern woman wants for breakfast? Maybe oatmeal. Bacon and eggs if she's craving protein. Definitely coffee, but relax -- I'm not gonna have you for breakfast, so please don't be such a wimp about women at work.
    It's high time to accept the fact that a woman might not just be your co-worker. She could be your boss, and you're gonna have to be prepared to deal, to be a man about it in the true sense of the word. Sure, more working women means more competition, but instead of being threatened by it, be challenged by it. Let's bring out the best in each other. Win or lose, if you're a good sport, everybody wins.
    Until you get your head around this, you'll be on your road, and I'll be on mine. I hope at some point we meet in the middle.
    The Modern Woman
    Feel empowered yet? Even if the plot is overused, watching Cashmere Mafia will make you realize that you can do anything. Personally, I feel that I can identify with Mia Mason (and not just because we're both Asian) in almost everything -- well, as much as a 17 year old girl can. Dream big, my lovelies.
  4. Stephanie posted the Disney portraits by Annie Leibowitz! I've only seen the Cinderella one, but these are just all so fabulous! Ah, I could never outgrow Disney.
    (Photo Credit --
  5. John Galliano, every year your Christian Dior couture collection makes me want to wrap myself in layers of silk and satin.
  6. Moccasins were always too similar to loafers for my taste, but Tod's Heaven Gommini Moccasin looks so comfortable and reminds of me of my favorite Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Filling squares. Yum.
Can you believe January is almost over? Time stops for no one.

Miss Couturable
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