Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tidbits: January 6th, 2008

It's first semester final exam week for me -- so I'm taking a hiatus until Thursday night to feed as much biology, microeconomics, English, US history, Spanish, and calculus as I can to my brain. This week's tidbits can tide you over until my return -- afterwards I'll have a three-day weekend without schoolwork and plenty of time to indulge.
  1. I forgot to mention in my previous entry that the lovely Stephanie inspired me to find a pair of rain boots for myself after I saw her strutting around school in sophisticated high-heeled rubber boots. Luckily, she wrote about some delicious rainy day accessories that I must satiate my affection for in addition to my need for boots.
  2. Marc by Marc Jacobs is having a 90% off sale for all shoes on the 6th -- doors opening at noon (boutiques only). Oh, won't you please buy me a pair of these whimsical mouse flats, size 6? I promise to pay you back -- interest included.
  3. My new favorite online store is -- full of fabulous clothes from Asia that I can't find here in California and usually under $100 too! Plus, these dresses are made for petite Asian girls like myself; where else can I find minidresses that actually fit like minidresses on me?
  4. Did you watch last week's episode of Gossip Girl? Rufus and Lily are meant to be together -- I just wish Bart Bass would go away!
  5. The fabulously witty and snarky Elyse Sewell from America's Next Top Model had an absolutely terrible weekend that no girl (i.e., princess) deserves. Send her love and best wishes on her livejournal, please!
  6. In case you didn't read my last tidbit entry, please nominate me for the Eighth Annual Weblog Awards. I have truly fallen in love with blogging and I adore how it connects me to wonderful fashionistas like you. Please nominate me for best teen weblog and best fashion weblog, as well as any other categories that you see fit. It would mean so much to me if you could take a few minutes out of your busy schedules to do so! Nominations close on January 11th.
Now please stay warm, sweet, well-rested, and fabulously stylish! I won't show up to final exams in sweatpants, I promise you.

Miss Couturable
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