Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Tidbits" renamed "The Sunday Six": January 13th, 2008

I've renamed my "Tidbits" to "The Sunday Six" in order to give a little more regularity to my weekly post.

A friend of mine, a gallerina in the making, gave me this advice: Speak half, do half, look half. Your heart will want so much, but it is dangerous to do more than half. Don't invest yourself so wholly without caution. While I'd rather not "look half", there is truth in taking caution. I'm always torn between what I feel strongly about at the moment and what the negative consequences (that I often forget) will be -- and I'm not just talking about buying another pair of patent flats either. With this three-day weekend without any schoolwork, I've had plenty of time to reflect and yes, somewhat indulge.
  1. I've been working on my summer housing application to the Brandon Residence for Women in New York City all weekend. Several people have told me that it is a great and very safe housing program (located in the Upper West Side!), and this is the only program that will accept minors with parental permission. I'm also extremely interested in meeting other motivated students, interns, and young professionals who have come to the city to work hard and dream.
  2. did a fabulous piece on Society Brides -- some of these marriages didn't end happily ever after, but the weddings themselves were fairy tales.
  3. In the past two days, I've read three books: The Debutante Divorcée by Plum Sykes, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, and Alek by Alek Wek. While I no longer have time to read one book every day like I did when I was younger, I'm proud to be constantly reading on a regular basis! What books have you read recently, and do you have any recommendations for me?
  4. Here is a list of current sales from, the fashion sharing community I work for. Sabrina, the fabulous fashionista who wrote this, is a fashion editor at and a former CosmoGIRL! fashion intern -- she always knows when there's a sale coming up!
  5. I drink a tall glass of orange peel infused green tea every night -- partially to help me stay awake as I drum through my work, partially because it's just so delicious. The recipe is quite simple: Orange peel and loose green tea leaves in a tall glass of hot water -- but it's absolutely refreshing and awakening. What is your favorite tea?
  6. My future gallerina friend also sent me this article about young women choosing careers over romance. I'm always thinking about The Devil Wears Prada and how Miranda Priestly has a ghastly family life -- while I want to have a wonderful career in the fashion magazine industry, I still want to have a family of my own that I can decorate Christmas trees with. It's a very debatable issue that may come up for all of us down the road.
The bustle of schoolwork is back tomorrow, but I'm definitely ready to be a second semester junior. With many things, I still prefer the whole over the half.

Miss Couturable
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