Saturday, January 12, 2008

Visions of sugar plums still dancing in my head

The delicate dynamics of these empyreal photographs by Ralph Mecke always make me regret trading in my satin pointe shoes and strappy leotards for white cheer sneakers and zebra-print hair bows. Granted, I'll never become a fantastic ballerina like Anna Pavlova and sugar plums may only dance in my head from now on, but ballet is an art form that I find to be synonymous with fashion. From its sequin-bedecked pointe shoes to layers of tulle, ballet would not be as magical without its costuming. Like fashion, it can be delicate and classic -- but it can also be outrageous and sensual, yet very precise at the same time. The ballet dancer's body dynamics are just as important as the model's stroll down the runway.

While researching Jenjoy Designs for the Winter Issue of Shut Up! Magazine, I immediately fell in love with the ballet-inspired and very unique pieces created by the underground label. On the website, you can even order custom legwarmers with funky bows or button accents! I'm especially infatuated with the tulle tutus -- the designer, Jenn, has a knack for making ballet costumery look wearable.

Zebra-print bows on brightly-colored legwarmers? It's not Swan Lake, but if Odile was a fashionista in 2008, I imagine they'd be one of her closet staples. On the other hand, Odette would love the white organza skirt and retro polkadots. Oh, how would Prince Siegfried choose between these two?

Miss Couturable
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