Monday, January 21, 2008

Vivienne Tam for Mickey and Minnie Mouse

My first kiss was from Mickey Mouse. It was the summer before sophomore year, and I had been waiting in line to see Mickey in Disneyland for over an hour. When I finally got to take a photo with him, I eagerly skipped up to him while embarrassing my little sister who only wanted to see Minnie in the first place. I gave my favorite mouse a big hug and glowing smile, and he kissed me on the cheek. Ah, the magic of Disney.

Apparently Hong Kong fashion designer Vivienne Tam shares my fascination with Mickey -- going so far as to design Chinese New Year outfits for him and Minnie. Mickey's Mao suit is reminiscent of an era in China when communist simplicity was untouched by capitalist ventures, and it suits the purpose of bridging East and West quite well.

Now Minnie on the other hand, is the real showstopper in her ruffled babydoll dress. Vivienne Tam always does a great job with combining Eastern intricacies with Western style, and apparently one doesn't have to be human to look good in her clothes.
"Oh, what you do, Mickey
Do, Mickey,
Don't break my heart, Mickey!"
I imagine the irresistible Minnie would be singing 'Hey Mickey' to her boyfriend after park celebrations.

Miss Couturable
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