Saturday, February 2, 2008

But this is not just a fashion blog

A lovely anonymous reader of my blog posted a comment under one of my entries -- you may read it if you choose but the gist of it is that I appear to be "pretentious", "spoiled", "obnoxious", and am accused of not being a "fashionista".

I did start out my blog many months ago as a fashion blog -- nothing else. Slowly, I began to develop my own writing style, my own topic preferences, and my own niche in the blogosphere. My blog has become part style blog, part personal blog, part fashion industry blog, and part anything-I-want-to-say-to-my-lovely-readers blog.

I don't need to be only a blogger solely focused on the latest trends -- there are plenty of fashion blogs on my blogroll that do this magnificently. If one doesn't find my blog interesting or informative enough, there are plenty of pure fashion, beauty, and shopping blogs out there that I can recommend!

As I will repeat from my reply to my anonymous reader's comment: Yes, I am proud -- you are right about that. And I will even admit that I am spoiled -- but I'm no spoiled brat. I know that I have a lot and am blessed, which is why I work very hard and never take anything for granted. I am proud not because I have money or well-off parents, but because I can overlook this and be proud of myself for who I am and what I am doing with my life. I've learned to treat everyone with respect, I always remember my "p's and q's", and I am full of amazement at the wonderful people that I meet in my life. I am in awe of the world, and I'm sorry that I come off as "pretentious" and "obnoxious" to my anonymous reader and perhaps other anonymous readers.

However, I will not deny who I am. I cannot dumb myself down, nor can I pretend that I am not as lucky or as blessed as I am. I do not claim to have the perfect life -- I have made plenty of terrible mistakes in my life that I have learned from and still wish I could apologize profusely for. Miss Couturable never claimed to be a purely objective fashion blog -- otherwise, why would I call my blog Miss Couturable? I blog, I write, I muse, I think, I wonder, because this is the life I live.

Miss Couturable
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