Saturday, February 9, 2008

Eco-friendly laptop tote

In fourth grade, I wanted a pair of hot pink Converse Chuck Taylors -- they were the it sneakers of the fourth grade crowd and the only pair of hot pink sneakers that I had ever seen. Unfortunately, Mommy and Daddy said no to my shoe proposal because no leather materials are used in the construction of Chuck Taylors. Instead, I settled for a pair of white Pumas and black suede Mary Janes.

I had been brought up as a leather snob since I was young: handbags must be at least high-quality suede, shoes must not contain any faux suede or patent leather, and jackets should at least be trimmed in suede. Nowadays, my flats and heels are a mixture of leather, silk, satin, cotton, and other materials; and I prefer wool coats over anything fringed with leather. Yet until today, I still refused to carry a purse that isn't 100% genuine leather -- canvas totes from mall chain stores are too casual for me. I'm extremely picky about handbags because they define the outfit: perhaps you forgot to brush your hair or your shoes are covered in mud, but at least your chic Balenciaga satchel is flawless.
So as you may guess, I was extremely apprehensive when I received two handbags from Jumeau -- neither of which contained any traces of leather. One handbag was a roomy dark yellow corduroy tote ("Corduroy?!") and one handbag was a spacious dark blue organic bamboo fiber and cotton laptop tote. "What am I suppose to wear with these?" I initially thought to myself. Is it even possible to dress up a corduroy tote?

Turns out, it is possible to wear a cloth tote with a dress. It's not a horribly shapeless bag at all -- it's one of those bags that you grab when you're running out for a last-minute errand, and it's definitely big enough to be a bookbag (more than I can say for my leather totes!).

However, I never knew there were such things as eco-friendly organic bamboo fiber and cotton laptop totes. I never bothered to embrace eco-friendly fashion -- not because I hate the Earth, but because there doesn't seem to be much in this realm beyond the basic.

So I don't know much about organic materials or dressing eco-friendly (have any tips for me?), but my new laptop bag is a good start for me, considering that my high school requires its students to bring laptops to school everyday. Perhaps I can convince some of my peers to replace their black leather laptop bags with a brightly-colored organic bamboo tote.

How have your experiences been with dressing organic?

Miss Couturable

P.S. Excuse the slightly unkempt hair -- it's Saturday morning and I'm making a hair appointment.
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