Sunday, February 3, 2008

Love is, as defined my parents

I used to think my parents had a pretty terrible relationship. They'd bicker constantly about financial matters (and still do), swipe insults about each other's families, and find ways to prove their own superiority. Too much hot-blooded pride and miscommunication, I thought to myself after huddling under the sheets after a late-night argument downstairs.

From the first big fight that my parents had and onward, I promised myself that I would marry someone who I could have a relationship with that was the complete opposite of my parents' relationship.

My parents' relationship has gotten a lot better now -- they still bicker, they're still the same people they've always been -- but they've finally learned to understand each other and to love each other after 18 years of marriage.

I have a lot to learn about love -- but from what I know now, love is a lot of small things.

Sitting in car with my parents on the way home from grocery shopping, I decided that love is making a mix CD for your wife -- and knowing that the first question she'll ask after receiving it is, "Is the Titanic song in there? That's my favorite!"

While listening to the mix CD in the car with my parents, I decided that love is listening to your wife sing a Tibetan rendition of "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion while the song is playing and loving every minute of it.

As I was carrying the groceries into the kitchen, I decided that love is jokingly mimicking the annoying habits of your husband while the both of you know that he'll do the same to you a few hours later.

And then as I'm sitting here thinking about what love is, I've decided that love is every single imperfection that makes that person perfect for you.

Miss Couturable
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