Friday, February 22, 2008

Overheard: Alexander Wang, here?!

Did I just overhear the alumni office and school administrators chat about possibly involving Alexander Wang, our very own fashion industry alumni, in the school fashion fundraiser next year? Apparently we're in good relations with his brother, who is also a school alumni and used to pick Alex up after school (aww).

It's all very tentative and up for speculation and negotiation, but now I have to be involved in the production of next year's fashion show. Even though Alex might be too busy to be present at the fashion show, perhaps we can sport his collection on our models.

Luckily, Alex's sweet brother offered to take me to meet him this summer when I'm in New York City -- so even if the fabulous fashion show idea doesn't work out, at least I still have another chance to meet the ultra-stylish designer.

Miss Couturable
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