Monday, February 11, 2008

Ring around the rosy

If I could be a magazine, I would want to be Lula: youthful with an everlasting innocence, playful without pretension, and expensive ($36.74/issue)! This isn't your typical Safeway checkout stand magazine.

Lula #6 Spring/Summer 2008 features Norwegian Siri Tollerød as photographed by Ellen von Unwerth in fantastic floral hairpieces, dreamy little dresses, and polka-dotted Emilio Cavallini tights. I used to think that floral hairpieces were reserved for luaus where tourists eat roast pig and play limbo, but the Christian Dior Couture and Sonia Rykiel silk hair ornaments on Siri's head are more likely to be found at a chic garden party than a Polynesian tourist trap.

Siri resembles a doll in between Raggedy Ann and a porcelain wedding fixture -- does the heavy eyeliner bring out a more mature side to one-handed trumpet play and eating on a floor dotted with feathers?

I'm now definitely compelled to wear jewel-toned pumps, tiny solid-print frocks, silk floral hair ornaments, and polka-dotted tights at home if I can have a pillow fight, play a musical instrument, and eat pastries on the floor. Maybe I should host a dress-up slumber party.

Miss Couturable
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