Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Simple headbands, simple choices

Today I wrapped my phlegm-infested self in five layers of sweaters, creating the illusion that I had become a human snowball when in fact, I have been losing an incredible amount of weight due to the flu. Later into the day, I became a brethren of Xin Xin the panda as my constantly watering eyes smeared the black Lancome eyeliner that I had foolishly penciled on in the morning. Navigating around school while feeling and looking like death was approaching -- eh, not the ideal way to have spent seven classes.

The only indication that I had any life left in me was the navy blue patent leather headband with silver sequined stripes sparking in my hair -- the only aspect of myself that was shining today. Luckily, my day was made a bit brighter after a guy friend bought me three simple but wonderfully versatile headbands from H&M in Milan.In the past, I've only worn headbands with sparkles, jewels, or bows on them. My logic was that even if I ended up wearing a blazer, a pair of jeans, a pair of ballerina flats, and a dressy blouse all week from lack of creativity, at least my headband would ostentatiously stand out and be admired by all passersby.

However, after Susie Bubble's recent proclamation of love for simple but brightly-colored American Apparel headbands and my friend's thoughtful gift, I've realized that simple headbands can be quite refreshing and perfect when I'm not going for the "porcelain doll" look for once. Sometimes, a solid splash of color or a thin rim around the head creates a bolder statement then a satin bow sticking out from the side.
I'm always welcome to new additions to my beloved headband collection. Without a headband, I would be Cinderella without her glass slipper.

Miss Couturable
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