Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Sunday Six: February 10th, 2008

I don't know about you, but I'm on February break. Thus, I have quite a few days to catch up on New York Fashion Week, homework, sleep, and the strange antics of Marc Jacobs. I'm sorry if you have class tomorrow -- to be fair, I have a lot of work to do this week, from college campus visits to a cheerleading competition.
  1. I'm at that point in my caffeine-ingesting life where a double shot of espresso no longer keeps me awake. Last Wednesday I had a double shot of espresso, a can of Glacéau Vitamin Energy drink, a glass of Thai iced coffee, and a packet of Zip Fizz -- and I still fell asleep by 10:00pm. Are there support groups for caffeine addicts? Ever since I had my first can of sugar-free Rockstar, I've been thinking about the wonders of energy drinks -- which must be a sign of addiction.
  2. I love Post Secret! This Sunday, the postcards are love themed because of Valentine's Day, but this postcard from weeks ago has been my most favorite. How does it make you feel? It makes me want to take chances with love, go with my impulses, and lose myself until I know exactly what I want.
  3. Happy Chinese New Year! Celebrate with Stephanie because my family doesn't really celebrate Chinese New Year -- even though we're Chinese. I'm a disgrace -- I didn't know it was Chinese New Year until I got money in red envelopes, but that explains why my family went out for sushi, Chinese food, and Thai food three nights in a row. Check out Minnie Mouse's wardrobe -- it's going to be a good year of style for those born in the year of the Rat!
    (Photo Credit -- Christopher Peterson)
  4. Rachel Zoe throws a hissy fit outside the Marc Jacobs show. Classy. She's not exactly setting a good example for her clients.
  5. I don't understand Cory Kennedy and the ridiculous amount of fame that gets her a packed schedule at Fashion Week -- especially after glancing at her text messages. She is not a socialite, because socialites are practically American royalty -- and I refuse to believe that a coked-up 17 year old girl with bad spelling is royalty. She's 17 -- she shouldn't be at parties with visible male buttcracks to touch. I can't help but find her lifestyle absolutely tasteless and a terrible example for young girls who read her blog everyday.
  6. Susie Bubble blogs from New York! It's a fun read -- and her dress is fabulous!
All right, catch up on Fashion Week today if you haven't already -- and maybe homework, because I'm sure some of you procrastinated.

Miss Couturable
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