Saturday, March 1, 2008

Administrative Notice

All right cutefaces, I love you all very much for being such wonderful and loyal readers. Now that Miss Couturable is getting over 1000 unique visitors everyday, a few administrative guidelines have to be set, as suggested by the lovely Bec:
  1. Anonymous commenting is enabled because I don't want my readers to have to register with Google or another OpenID in order to be able to comment. However, this doesn't mean that I appreciate or tolerate snide remarks and blatant insults -- especially when they are anonymous. I've been respectful and honest in my writings -- revealing my heart's full intentions and identity to my readers. Thus, I expect the same from my readers. I am not you -- and I will not tolerate any rude remarks. This blog isn't meant for receiving insults -- nor is it for refuting insults. Miss Couturable intends to be a blog for all who are young at heart.
  2. It may take me longer to reply to each of your individual comments (ah, back in the day when I expected only one comment every week), but I promise that I will reply to every single of them. If a question is urgent, please email me at miss.couturable at gmail dot com. I absolutely adore talking to all of you.
  3. Don't worry, comments don't have to be on topic -- spontaneity is great!
The basic gist of these administrative guidelines is peace, love, respect -- everything your mommy taught you. Thank you, sweethearts.

Miss Couturable