Friday, March 28, 2008

Behind the lens: Annie Leibowitz

I didn't paid much attention to photography until recently -- recently as in two months ago. Splendid photography nestled within glossy magazine pages always caught my eye for a split second, only to be overshadowed by my careful scrutinizing of the clothing. "Pish posh, the only thing that matters is that the clothes look good," I thought to myself.

The problem with my logic is that oftentimes, the clothes look better than they do in real life because the photography is phenomenal. Yesterday in yearbook class, we looked over photographs by Annie Leibowitz -- she takes personal portraits, especially of women.
(Photo Credit -- Annie Leibowitz)
Most people have at least seen her work on the covers of Vanity Fair, and yet her talent isn't merely limited to shooting the glamorous starlet in a beautiful ballgown -- but on capturing the woman you'd see if you were to have a conversation with her. She magically captures the sparkle in every woman -- from the Iraqi soldier to the wealthy supermodel.

I'm going to start paying more attention to the photograph and the artist behind the lens from now on.

Miss Couturable
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