Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bow dresses for the young'uns

If you've been reading my blog long enough, you already know that I'm obsessed with bows -- and little day dresses. They're youthful and dressy at the same time -- which I think is an appropriate look when you're 17-years-old. I know some girls who dress really professional for their age and admire our teachers' style, which I think is very interesting but is definitely not the look for me. I'm exceedingly wary of looking too old for my age -- I have a friend who shares the same style as one of my professors, and they comment on how "cute" each other looks. They're adorable people, but I personally don't want to dress like my own instructor.This Marc by Marc Jacobs dress is made for me. The moment I saw it on, I knew I wanted it but won't be getting it. My parents are extremely wary of the fact that they recently bought me a Nanette Lepore day dress and I haven't worn it yet -- but the weather has been so erratic lately! I don't want to wear heels and a silk dress to school right now when I could either sweat through the heat and ruin my dress or trample through the rain in a pair of platform heels. however, offers a lot of bow-embellished dresses only a fraction of the price of the Marc by Marc Jacobs dress ($428.00). Even though I can't even pick up wontons with chopsticks (shh, don't tell!), sometimes I think I need to shop in Asia more. A girl from my school transferred from South Korea and she has cute clothes that you really can't find in the United States. Plus, the last time my mommy brought me to Wangfujin (the place to shop in China -- maybe, that's actually disputable), she let me roam around and buy anything to my heart's desire. The prices there are as expensive or more pricey than at home, but she's more lenient with me over there because the clothes actually fit me.

I'm crossing my fingers for American retailers to catch on to the bow dress trend (how could they not?), but I think I'll order a few dresses from just in case. It's not every season that I find a trend that I love this much. I thought I loved ponchos in 7th grade, but luckily I was just badly mistaken and confused.

Miss Couturable
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