Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Colleen Quen: Queen of Hearts

The one fashion designer's atelier that I've always wanted to visit is Colleen Quen's in San Francisco. My dream could even become reality, since it's right in my vicinity -- maybe I'll send her an email and cross my fingers.

Colleen Quen's designs are every art history lover's sartorial fantasy -- from her swirling Georgia O'Keeffe gown to her impressionistic and architecturally genius couture dresses. She is a real-life couturier who studied French couture -- needless to say, she's honest and organic.

Her husband, Rick Lee, is an equally ingenious industrial and furniture designer -- and her atelier in San Francisco definitely combines the best of the two minds.
I couldn't fit in this black hearts gown without a pair of stilts, but I imagine the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland would fall in love with it.
If only I had a closet with suspended coat hangers! Did you notice that the pretty marigold prints on the Karma Sutra dresses are actually hand prints? Whimsical, once again --- but undeniably gorgeous.
I'm a sucker for hanging mobiles and anything ostentatious -- so this big swirling hanging mobile probably designed by Rick Lee makes me realize that Colleen Quen has very good taste in men.
Since when has lying on a carpet in the middle of the room ever been this classy?
I'm distraught because I don't know which gown I like the most -- there's something sculpturally simple yet beautiful in all of her pieces.
Lastly, isn't the fashion designer herself so adorable? You can tell that she really experiences pure joy in her work -- none of the "I'm too avant-garde cool to smile" attitudes that you see from some other designers after their shows.

Miss Couturable

P.S. America's Next Top Model fans, I'm sure you've seen her on the show.
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