Friday, March 14, 2008

Dazzling tassles

Even though this Emilio Pucci Orchis Tasseled Ballerina flat resembles a Lanvin flat with party streamers glued on, I'm refreshed to find a pair of flats that combines the slipper-like flexibility of a Lanvin with whimsical touches that don't resemble Tory Burch buckles for once.
Although for the $325.00 it costs to buy a pair of the Pucci flats, I could pick up two pairs of these similar flats from J. Crew in two dazzling bright colors ($148.00) -- and have enough change left over to scoop up two pairs of argyle knee-high socks on my way out.

Miss Couturable

P.S. My contact at CosmoGIRL! just confirmed the visit to the office with me today! Seventeen, CosmoGIRL!, and Teen Vogue office visits with the editors and assistants in one day -- I probably won't be able to fall asleep the night before.
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