Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ever ever after

I spent my Saturday night with one of my best friends -- a "girl date" we call it. We joked that we're going to exchange roses next time, but I have a feeling that we're going to do just that. It was the first night in many months that my world stopped spinning -- that I didn't have to prove myself or impress someone.
While stargazing in the park, we drank Baskin Robbins ice cream shakes and ate garlic and spiced potato Naan, stuffed Indian flatbread. Oops, we forgot napkins -- but hey, who says you can't wipe your greasy fingers on grass?

At a moment in my life when sleeping at 4:00am and still traipsing to school in a pair of heels and a dress in spite of a lack of sleep is normal, when Moleskine agendas have replaced reminders written on the back of my hand, when Rockstar and Diet Coke are drank more than orange juice, when the first things that cross my mind when I wake up are the tasks I need to complete, when 24 hours in a day is never enough, when the pressure to maintain a slim physique overrides any desire to dinner, when my maid has to clean my room because I'm always busy --

-- it was absolutely sublime to lie on a hill under the stars with someone I know I will be friends with forever, talking about being bridesmaids at each other's weddings, talking about the future, talking about the past, and giggling at the petty complexities of the world while gazing at the infinitely vast universe beyond us.

In mid-conversation, we heard police sirens and drunk people started crawling up the hill, yelling profanities at each other. We gathered our purses and ran -- holding our breaths and clutching each other in hurried fear. We drove away and sang cheesy love songs in order to calm our nerves and gasped in relief at having escaped the ordeal -- until the car engine started breaking down. Of course, we got home safely.

To all the cutefaces who dream of"bigger" things out there, I suggest lying under the stars with your best friend. Nothing is more beautiful or infinitely unexplainable than who is right beside you and what is right above you -- it's immensely humbling.

Miss Couturable
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