Friday, March 7, 2008

Good thing I don't live in England

If I was British, I'd eat chocolate everyday. Ever since my British literature teacher brought our class some brightly-colored Cadbury chocolates from England (she was visiting family), I've been absolutely obsessed with all chocolates from the land of the Spice Girls. In general, the chocolate from over there is creamier and less waxy than what we have over here.
The mass-produced Cadbury chocolates from England (not to be mistaken for American Cadbury!) are taste sensations beyond the likes of Hershey's. I wanted to steal the whole box of Cadbury Roses Chocolates at our English class tea party (isn't my school so adorable?) but I knew there wasn't any way that my teacher wouldn't notice the cardboard sticking out from underneath my shirt.

"Please say Z again! It's so posh-sounding," I begged my British literature teacher a year ago. Apparently the British pronounce "Z" as "zehd" instead of "zee" like us Americans. She was probably perturbed at me, but luckily she's also very used to my strange antics in class.
Today in Spanish class, I received a Cocoa Deli Citrus Chocolate from my teacher after taking an exceedingly painful exam. The individually packaged bits are shaped like Popsicles, or "lollies" as the website calls them. My Spanish professor isn't British though, so I am in hopes that I can find these delectable treats around here somewhere.

I'd become rather chubby if I had easy access to such delectable chocolates -- luckily I don't reside in England. Oh, but please bring me back some chocolates if you happen to go there.

Miss Couturable
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