Thursday, March 27, 2008

Let this be the last time

To be very honest, I am rather exhausted of defending myself to anonymous readers who criticize me for my "elitism".

Yes -- the truth is, I was brought up in an "elitist" environment. My parents never allowed me to buy vintage clothes (even if it was a Gucci bag) because they were "used" -- when I went to check out a thrift store, they forbid me from touching anything on the racks. This is one of many examples of how I was brought up -- from getting a Lexus sports car as my first car to being allowed to buy only real leather bags and shoes. I suppose I did grow up -- and am growing up -- with a "pretentious" life.

But the way I'm brought up isn't an excuse for me. It does hurt to know that while I'm revealing my identity to my dear readers (some of you even figured what school I attend!), many of my readers are anonymously criticizing me. Mind you, some of the criticism is quite useful and wonderful -- but terribly exasperating at the same time.

I absolutely do not take my life for granted. I do not ask my parents for money -- they spend enough money on my prep school education every year. My pocket money that I use for expenditures is generated from Christmas and Chinese New Year presents and compensation as Contributing Editor for While I'm living in New York City this summer, I'm keeping a record book of every single one of my expenses -- and trust me, I will be scrimping because I don't want my parents to receive a ridiculous credit card bill.

I'm ashamed and embarrassed when my parents brag about my achievements -- and I want nothing more than to prove that I can make it on my own. My parents did not even know that I was working in fashion until last summer, when I told them that I had an internship with a local fashion designer. My parents do push me in academics -- and thus I force myself to maintain a perfect academic record to show that I can (almost) do it all and please my harshest critics.

The criticism is exhausting me -- not because I don't think I deserve them because I'm biased to judge, but because Miss Couturable began as a blog that I only used for personal enhancement and never expected to received hundreds of readers from every day.

I love all of my readers -- I blush feverishly when I receive sweet emails asking for advice or just looking to start a conversation. I'm hoping that my readers will enjoy my blog as a lighthearted escape from pressures and struggles -- as I do.

Miss Couturable

P.S. Why can't I ever keep my weekly resolutions like Gala?
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