Monday, March 24, 2008

Salute to the teachers

Simply stated, I'm obsessed with my teachers. Not everyone can inspire you and push you to learn, but my professors are amazing at their job.

Take my American literature teacher for example -- he was educated at Swarthmore and Yale Drama school, and you can tell that his passion for learning has pushed him to challenge us. Every day in English class, I am scared -- scared because everyday I learn something frightfully extraordinary about the human psyche and about myself.

Or my calculus teacher -- he used to be in the navy as an aerodynamic engineer (i.e., he flew planes). He also used to be a cruise ship host and bakes as a hobby. My best friend Janet and I always sit at the front of his class -- we don't particularly enjoy calculus as a subject, but we stay engaged in his class because he's always entertaining us. In fact, the one day he wasn't in class and we had a substitute teacher instead, we both fell asleep.

It seems so easy for most of us to complain about our teachers -- but for me (and Janet), it's so much easier to praise our teachers. There are so many stories about our teachers that we don't see when they're standing next to the whiteboard or sitting behind the desk. I'm blessed to have teachers who are so enthusiastic about their classes -- who see that their students are more than just test takers and essay writers.

Sometimes, I'm convinced that we're more fascinated with our teachers than the respective subjects that they teach.

What do you love about your teachers?

Miss Couturable
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