Monday, March 17, 2008

Shoe clips aren't just for shoes

For the past few seasons, nouveau-riche-looking flats and heels embellished with jewels and silk flowers and other thingamabobs have been everywhere, from Neiman Marcus to Nine West. Admit it, you didn't buy these Stella McCartney flats because they were comfortable. I know I've refused to invest in a pair of plain flats -- why spent $200 on a pair of shoes when they don't look $200?

Upon discovering shoe clips from Absolutely Audrey, I've grown an urge to buy simple Repettos or Lanvins. I even want to buy the $12 Rebecca Taylor ballerina flats that I spotted at Costco two weeks ago. For only $30, I can buy a pair of one-of-a-kind vintage shoe clips to decorate my plain flats -- and no one else will have the same shoes as me ever again.These vintage leather bows with gold lacing could be used to make gorgeous headbands too -- "Excuse me, didn't I just see that bow on your flats two days ago?" Why yes indeed, and it just might be on a pair of satin pumps next week!

Miss Couturable
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