Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring break plans -- best impressions needed

An older friend once said to me, "Senior year is a sprint, junior year is a marathon, sophomore year is a practice run, and freshman is -- what the hell, I just entered a race!"

My spring break in about three weeks is definitely going to be a marathon of all sorts, testing my endurance, resilience, poise, and best efforts as I meet with college admissions officers, college professors, college students, and magazine editors on the east coast. Perhaps it's the cheerleader in me -- but I say, bring it on.
Miss Couturable's Spring Break Itinerary (no 'Girls Gone Wild!' here)
♡ University of Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
♡ Swarthmore College: Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
♡ Princeton University: Princeton, New Jersey
♡ Meet editors and assistants and tour Teen Vogue office, as invited by Fashion News Director, Jane Keltner (a complete sweetheart who makes time for me in spite of her busy career!)
♡ New York University: New York City, New York
♡ Meet editors and assistants and tour Seventeen office, as invited by Assistant Sittings Editor, Betsy Mullinix (the editor I'm working under this summer -- amazing and the epitome of sweetness)
♡ Meet editors and assistants and tour CosmoGIRL! office (tentative since the amazing editorial assistant who originally invited me has yet to confirm with me)
♡ Columbia University: New York City, New York
♡ Barnard College: New York City, New York
♡ Yale University: New Haven, Connecticut
♡ Connecticut College: New London, Connecticut
♡ Vassar College: Poughkeepsie, New York
♡ Wellesley College: Wellesley, MA

The plane tickets are already purchased, the rented car is reserved, the hotel rooms are (almost) completely confirmed -- the only question left is, "What should I wear?"

Miss Couturable
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