Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Sunday Six: March 16th, 2008

I wasted my entire Saturday afternoon watching Sex and the City -- and I could easily spend my entire Sunday watching the next season if I didn't have homework.
  1. I've always believed that good literature is a work of art -- but who knew that the book itself is art too?
  2. Miss at la Playa made a fabulous post about imitations of art masterpieces in fashion advertising. For an art history enthusiast like me, these are the type of pictures I want to print out and paste all over my room. I sent the link to my art history professor -- I think she'd love them.
  3. Susie Bubble introduced me to Alexis Mabille -- I've seen plenty of high school boys in bow ties at prom, but I couldn't fathom the idea of men embracing the oversized bow trend until now. Still, my favorite piece is Mabille's white bow tie headband -- the bow doesn't always have to be on the side of the head.
  4. French is universally chosen to be the most romantic language, but I think Spanish gives it a run for its money. Elegant rolling r's are so much sexier than nasal vowels. Just listen to 'Yo Canto' by Laura Pausini if you're skeptical.
  5. Speaking of bows (again), I need this Felted Wool with Tulle Bustle Coat from Betsey Johnson. One can never have too many coats to cover up unfortunate spills and forgot-to-do-laundry-days.
  6. This postcard from PostSecret resonates with me because it's such a simple secret that so many of us share and none of us will admit. In 6th grade, I promised myself that I wouldn't become the type of girl that had to wear make-up before leaving the house. Six years later, 40% of my purchases is spent on MAC eyeliner, Dior lip gloss, Bare Minerals face powder, and other palettes for the face. Can I ever feel beautiful again without make-up?
Oh dear, Sundays never last long enough to take a real break.

Miss Couturable
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