Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Sunday Six: March 23rd, 2008

Happy Easter, cutefaces! Even if you're not Christian, I hope you feel some sort of revival this season -- I'm definitely fatigued and in desperate need of a clear mind and new wardrobe.
  1. Last night, I went to my guy friend's church in a dress and a pair of heels. I wasn't trying to dress up -- it was an outfit I've worn to school a few times. My friend took one look at me as I got into the car and said, "You're way too overdressed. I'm going to have to do some explaining to my friends at church later." Perplexed, I demanded that he tell me why he was so "ashamed" of what I was wearing. Turns out he's the only student from our private school at his church, and he's been trying to dispel the image that we're "rich" and "spoiled" for the past few years -- and I was cementing the stereotypes that was already ingrained in his friends' minds. I laughed at him because we were driving to church in a Mercedes-Benz and talking about our summer travels around the globe -- aspects of our lives that we take for granted. We both agreed on one point though: our school definitely has a different culture than most other schools in the area, but the people are amazing and determined to prove themselves to the world.
  2. Thanks to Newsweek, you might think twice about eating the whole box of Peeps today. You might disagree with me, but I think calories ruin all the fun in holidays.
  3. Gala's Easter outfit is so adorable -- I wish I remembered where I placed my bunny ears from first grade.
  4. Perhaps I'm only thinking this because I'm completely worn-out from school, but Stephanie's suggestion that we bring high tea to the United States sounds very pleasant. Why don't we serve high tea at my school? We come to school looking haggard and absolutely demolished every morning from the previous night's amount of homework.
  5. I finally mailed in my summer housing deposit to the Brandon Residence for Women in New York City this week -- procrastination is my worst habit. As my peers are stressing about securing limited spots in competitive science research programs, I feel extremely relieved that I've know my summer plans since December.
  6. Every three months, I use up my containers of Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil and Bare Escentuals bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation. Thus, every three months, $50 worth of new make-up ends up in my bathroom cabinet. I always wince every time that I'm at the Sephora checkout counter because I'm thinking about the pair of shoes I could have bought for $200 instead.
One more week until spring break (a.k.a my trip to the east coast)! I've still yet to plan out my outfits.

Miss Couturable
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