Saturday, March 8, 2008

Will the indoor palm trees ever hit the roof?

I spend about 12 hours of my day at school -- so why not introduce you to my sanctity of book learning? We started as a feeder school for Stanford University about 100 years ago, but since then we've emerged and reemerged several times under different heads of school and names.
(Photo Credit -- Mark Tantrum)
Welcome to the first building at my school, where I hung out as a freshman...
(Photo Credit -- Mark Tantrum)
...under real indoor palm trees. Only in a private school in California, right?
This is the waterfall dedicated to one of our best English professors, who died of cancer last July. She would always bring her English classes to this area to read Thoreau, "because you have to read Thoreau outside".
(Photo Credit -- Mark Tantrum)
This is the building where the juniors (a.k.a. me) hang out. Note the couches -- they're convenient when you're a worn-out junior and in desperate need of a nap.
(Photo Credit -- Mark Tantrum)
The football field is no stadium -- but oh well, we just got bleacher seats and this isn't Friday Night Lights.The kitchen, which looks better when it's stocked with food at lunch time. Yesterday I had a delicious butternut squash soup with maple syrup whipped cream. Our food is really good compared to other high schools or even colleges -- and it's all-you-can-eat. Tired students make hungry eaters.
This is the dining room where you can sit if you don't feel like sitting on the patio outside. I don't know why we have Picasso prints on the multicolored walls, but I guess it's because a Monet would look out of place.

I used to complain that my school doesn't look like a traditional prep school, but then again, this is California.

What is your school like?

Miss Couturable
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