Saturday, April 12, 2008

Are fashion blogs the new black?

A girl on an online forum writes, "Are fashion blogs the new black?"

Perhaps writing about fashion blogs being the new black is the new black -- I've read quite a few articles and commentaries about the growing popularity of fashion blogging in the past six months. I've seen threads on popular fashion forums that are solely dedicated to advertising fashion blogs -- some blogs don't have photos, some blogs don't have any writing, some blogs freeze my computer, and some blogs make me feel ashamed of mine.

Miss Couturable is definitely not original -- I wish I could provide entertainingly brilliant fashion commentary like Susie Bubble or inspiration like Gala or witty daily-life banter like Melanie, but alas, Miss Couturable is my stream of consciousness, based mostly on fashion and the occasional teen-life topic. That is, if streams of consciousness ceased with "ex.oh.ex.oh".

I'm addicted to blogs and I'm constantly checking my Google Reader for the latest updates from my fellow stylish bloggers -- reading new blogs is especially a pleasure for me because sincere words are inklings of the human condition.

"Everyone and their mother has a blog," said my college counselor after I told her about the work I put into developing my blog. There might be a ridiculous onslaught of blogs on the internet today, but certain fashion blogs such as Style Bubble may be as much of a wardrobe staple as the little black dress.

Miss Couturable
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