Tuesday, April 1, 2008

East coast college visits, part 2

So I sprained my ankle on the steps of Clio Hall at Princeton University -- but that didn't keep me from my preset plans. Well, except for wearing heels -- I only packed a scruffy pair of yellow patent leather flats as my alternative to pumps.
Princeton University: Princeton, NJ
I absolutely adore Princeton -- it is my number one choice so far. The history behind the school is so phenomenal -- for the information session, we sat in Nassau Hall where the British troops stayed during the Battle of Princeton during the American Revolutionary War. As we drove around Princeton, I couldn't help but gaze at the gray woods in the background and think about Revolutionary troops marching to battle.

I met with two alumni students from my school who now attend Princeton -- a boy and a girl. The girl is unbelievably stylish and beautiful and is in an exclusive eating and sorority. Princeton doesn't have official sororities, but they have eating clubs -- student-owned clubhouses for upperclassmen to eat and socialize. The clubs own mansions along a particular avenue in Princeton.

The art history and English departments are amazing -- Princeton boasts one of the top college art museums. Undergraduate education is the focus of this university, and there is so much funding available to pursue academic interests.

The students are kind and beautiful, the undergraduate academics are phenomenal, the school campus is gorgeous, and as my friend said, "We party in goddamn mansions."
Afterwards, my daddy and I drove to New York City -- but not before getting lost in a small town in New Jersey, where we mindlessly wandered around for an hour until we discovered Five Guys Burgers and Fries. My dear Californians, I'm sorry to betray you but Five Guys is arguably more delicious than In-N-Out Burger. Cajun spices on french fries, yum -- that beats Thousand Island dressing any day.

This morning, I was invited by Fashion News Director, Jane Keltner, to visit Teen Vogue. I must say, Jane Keltner absolutely beautiful and flawless in real life -- so much so that I was sweating profusely in front of her and Evonne Gambrell. Her beauty and poise honestly awed me. I completely made a fool of myself, as you can tell. The wonderful Evonne gave me a tour of the fabulous office, where I got to speak with many of the assistants and editors -- such as EJ Sampson, the web editor, who asked to see Miss Couturable! Hello EJ, in case you ever read this.

The Teen Vogue staff is incredibly talented and smart -- as well as good-looking and stylish. I was absolutely shocked and in awe the whole time because I've never met such an interesting group of individuals. I'm crossing my fingers for the opportunity in intern with the Fashion News department someday.

At Seventeen, I met with Betsy Mullinix, my editor for the summer! She is such a darling and I could not have asked for a better boss! I toured the office and was intimidated to hear that I was the only high-school intern -- so many expectations, so much excitement.
I met with Kristen, an intern, at CosmoGIRL! upstairs afterwards, where she also gave me a tour of the office! It was absolutely amazing to see the beauty closet -- I was so shocked that interns had prepared a bag of beauty closet freebies for me with the latest issue, a t-shirt, and a fitness DVD included too! They are really too kind and I'm determined to buy them lunch when I'm in New York City again.

Obviously I'm awed and humbled by what I've seen and who I've met lately -- but after these extraordinary encounters, I'm more than ever to be the best that I can be: Lose the extra weight, become more toned as a cheerleader, improve my grades to consistently perfect straight As and A+s, work very hard in fashion, smile at strangers more often, and continue to enrich myself both socially and intellectually.

Miss Couturable

P.S. I'm generalizing, but everyone is better looking on the east coast.
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